Rajjo 2nd October 2022 Written Episode Update: Rajjo and Arjun’s emotional talk

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The Episode starts with Inspector telling Arjun about Vicky, he is a criminal who sells girls across the border. Arjun says Rajjo is my friend, he is marrying Rajjo, I won’t let this happen. He runs. Some time back, Kalindi tells about Arjun and Urvashi’s love story. Mukund and Swara dance on Pehli baar…. Swara gets Sia there. Mukund gets angry. Kalindi says Arjun kept his feelings, but Urvashi expressed her love. Urvashi says no, Arjun, you also felt love, tell me. Arjun says yes, it wasn’t my NO. Urvashi says he said YES, he had sent heart shaped cake and roses. Pratap says he went on me. Chirag says its impossible. Arjun says yes, I did that.

The girl says we will go and celebrate. Vicky and his friends dance. Rajjo says Arjun and his family used to dance and celebrate always. The girl says you miss him a lot, call him and talk. Rajjo asks really. The girl says no, sangeet would be going on there. Rajjo nods. Kalindi and everyone dance Poster chapvado…

Chirag says then they had fights after love. He asks Kalindi for dance. Madhu and everyone smile. Jhilmil says Ram blessed you that your husband didn’t drink today. Kalindi and Chirag dance on Zor ka jhatka…. Rajjo and her friend see Vicky with the girls. Rajjo says maybe they are his friends. The girl says he is drinking with the girls, my mum will beat me, your mum will beat you, you aren’t stopping him. Rajjo asks Vicky to not drink. Vicky says its okay. She asks him to stop his friends. He says she won’t listen. She says mum and Kaka will come and see this, they won’t like it. He says you look good when you stay silent. He asks the girl to make Rajjo like them. The girls make Rajjo drink. Rajjo’s friend looks on and says I won’t come in your marriage. Madhu says I wish Arjun stays lucky in love, his lover loves him a lot. She asks Urvashi to come and dance. The girls say now Rajjo has become Vicky’s bride. Rajjo gets drunk. Urvashi and Arjun dance on Kesariya… Mannu is praying at the temple. Arjun gets Rajjo’s call. She asks him to show his face. He smiles seeing her. She says I can see you now, I m missing you a lot. He asks what happened to you, are you fine. She says I got ready, look at me, how do I look. He says you look lovely always, Rajjo, why are you talking like this. She says I feel dizzy. He asks why are you talking like this, listen, stand straight. She laughs. He asks did you go mad, you are getting my voice or not. She says its clear, like you are with me, like always, with me, I told you that I miss you, but do you also miss me. He says yes. She asks really. He says yes, really. She asks how much. He says a lot. She asks but why, you are getting married to Urvashi, she is more beautiful for me, why do you fight family for my sake, who am I to you, no one, then why do you care for me, am I special for you.

She says I called you my Khaad babu, do you also call me your Rajjo, why do you care so much. He asks why do you miss me. She says because… He asks her to answer. She says because… He asks why do you miss me, please tell me. She says don’t know, you just come and take me from here, I don’t like anything without you, I feel strange, heart sinks, come and take me. He sees Vicky and his friends drinking. Rajjo falls down. Arjun says stupid phone… Chirag says I have seen this and heard you. Arjun says she isn’t in her senses, she is asking me to come and take her.

Rajjo and Arjun meet in the park. He says we are getting married on the same day. She thanks him and they become friends. They hug. Arjun is marrying Urvashi. Rajjo comes and stops his marriage. She says you are my husband. Arjun and his family are shocked.

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