Rajjo 3rd October 2022 Written Episode Update: Arjun rushes to meet Rajjo

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The Episode starts with Rajjo dancing with Vicky and his friends in drunken state. Arjun worries and talks to Chirag about Rajjo. He gets confused and asks shall I go or not, I shouldn’t go for Urvashi’s sake, but anything wrong can happen with her, I have to go. Chirag hugs him and asks him to go. He gives his mantra mala and says this will protect you, you protect her, I m sure bad won’t happen with you. Arjun smiles and goes. Mannu prays for Rajjo’s marriage. He says I wish I didn’t make a mistake in choosing the groom for her, keep her happy.

She gets Gudiya’s call. She doesn’t see. She prays that Rajjo gets a good groom. Rajjo is still dancing on the car top. She falls down. Arjun holds Rajjo in arms. They see each other. Mannu smiles seeing a flower falling down. Arjun gets angry and sees Vicky. Vicky sees Rajjo with Arjun. Arjun asks Rajjo is she okay. He asks her friend Gudiya who made her drink, where is her mum. Gudiya says I m her friend, Vicky’s friends forced her to drink, Mannu went to temple. She asks him to just find Mannu and come. Rajjo asks are you here for real, why are you here, tell me. He feeds her the curd. She asks why are your eyes red, did you cry, feed me with a spoon. She says you look really handsome, don’t tell anyone, you look more handsome today. She applies black dot to him and smiles. She holds him close and says tell me, why did you come. Vicky and his friends wait outside. He gets angry when they joke. Chirag thinks everything is fine till now. Madhu asks where is Arjun. Chirag prays. Pratap says Gurumaa is calling. Madhu goes. Chirag thanks Lord.

Rajjo says I should have not called you, sorry, you are marrying Urvashi, I m marrying Vicky, Mannu asked me to just think of Vicky. He says you don’t know about childhood friends, Vicky is drunkard, he isn’t decent. He asks do you trust anyone like that. She says I trusted you, I didn’t even know you, I miss you and your house, I miss everything, you marry Urvashi, let me marry Vicky, he won’t be wrong. He says you ask your heart, will you love Vicky, do you want to marry Vicky. She says no. She cries. She says you take me from here to Lucknow, tell Mannu that you are taking me along, tell her that I don’t want to do this marriage. Arjun says I was silent because I didn’t know your wish, I won’t let you marry Vicky, I m taking you home, I won’t stop now. He takes her. Vicky says you can’t take my Rajjo from here. He blocks the way.

Arjun stops Vicky and scolds him. Rajjo comes and stops Arjun’s marriage. She says Arjun is my husband.

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