Rajjo 4th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Vicky and Arjun’s fight

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The Episode starts with Vicky scolding Arjun. He says you already have a lover and want Rajjo also, she is my childhood friend, my would be wife. Arjun scolds him and says you are a dirt, you can’t be tolerated in Rajjo’s life, get away. Rajjo asks Vicky to get away. Arjun says get away. Vicky kicks Arjun. Arjun and Rajjo fall down. Arjun holds her. He shouts and goes to punch Vicky. He stops seeing Mannu in front. Mannu and the elders come. Mannu asks what happened. Rajjo says Vicky’s friends fed me the alcohol forcibly. Mannu says I will talk to Vicky later, what is Arjun doing here. Vicky says Arjun is responsible for this. Rajjo says liar. He says if we had some drinks, what wrong did we do, even rich people drink and have female friends, he is calling me characterless. Arjun says stop playing rich and poor card. Vicky says I have seen Arjun holding Rajjo’s waist, he was trying to take her somewhere. Rajjo says I have to go to Lucknow. He says don’t know what he told her, she wants to leave me, don’t know what did he do here. Arjun says mind your language. Mannu asks Vicky to take Kaka and go out, she has to talk to Arjun. Vicky goes out. He asks Kaka to explain Arjun not to get after Rajjo.

Mannu asks why did you come here to spoil Rajjo’s marriage. Arjun says this guy isn’t nice. She says you know him. Arjun says yes, his friends applied haldi to Rajjo forcibly. Rajjo says yes, I got angry. Arjun says when I came here, he had made Rajjo stand on the car, music was going on, everyone was dancing around her, Rajjo called me and I came here to save her. Rajjo says yes, he saved me, else I would have fallen down and broke my head. Arjun says Vicky isn’t suitable for Rajjo, keep him away, don’t ruin her life, come with me to Lucknow. Rajjo says yes, I want to go. Arjun says I m pleading for Rajjo’s sake, please change your decision, I can’t let Vicky marry Rajjo. Mannu says I have heard you patiently, you listen to me, haldi is celebrated like holi here, maybe Vicky’s friends did this in childhood. He says in this age, I find this strange. She says you said you didn’t hear Rajjo well, how can you say this surely. Arjun says gut feeling, when you are connected to someone with heart, you understand everything. She says your would be wife will be hurt and ashamed that you are here, explain your heart, else it will break, and about Rajjo, you weren’t there, did you see who fed her the wine. He says no. She says enough, listen to me, Rajjo ate bhaang laddoos before. He says you mean its Rajjo’s mistake. She says no, you are saying this, Rajjo is still childish, she doesn’t know the result of her doings. Rajjo says take me to Lucknow. Mannu says I m explaining this to you, she is careless, but not me, I know Vicky since he was a child, he is Kaka’s grandson, Kaka supported us when we were alone. Arjun asks is this a proof that he is decent. She says maybe yes and maybe not, we are poor, we believe in keeping relations. He says she should get a better guy than Vicky. She says its my decision, Rajjo will accept it, you also do as your family says, don’t come here, leave Rajjo, we have an ordinary life, not any fairy tale, if you come to support her, then she will get habitual, when you don’t come, she will break down, spare her, let her move on, you also move on. She explains him and asks him to leave. Rajjo says take me away. Mannu says Rajjo will be someone’s wife from tonight.

Urvashi says you told Arjun, right. Kalindi says no, we have a deal. Urvashi asks where did he go, he isn’t here, he left his sangeet, its not a small thing. Mukund asks Chirag where is Arjun. Chirag asks why. Mukund tells about a web series.

Arjun sys fine, I will go, fate is strange, you are making a mistake, a prince is written in Rajjo’s fate, not Vicky. He leaves. Rajjo goes. Arjun is on the way. Urvashi tells Madhu that Arjun is not anywhere in the house. Madhu gets angry and sees Chirag. Inspector sees Arjun at the check post. He says you are Arjun Thakur, right. Arjun says yes, how do you know me. Inspector says I wanted to talk to you about Vicky, but I was instructed to not tell you anything, I had called you by tracking your car, Vicky is a criminal, he sells girls across the border. Arjun is shocked.

Arjun stops Vicky and scolds him. Rajjo comes and stops Arjun’s marriage. She says Arjun is my husband.

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