Rajjo 5th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Arjun warns Rajjo about Vicky

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The Episode starts with Inspector telling Arjun about Vicky. Arjun gets shocked. He recalls Rajjo. He rushes in his car. He gets a call from Chirag. He asks is everything fine there. Madhu says nothing is fine. Arjun says I don’t want to lie, you can’t hear the truth. Madhu says there are just 3 hours left for the jaimala. He says I will reach on time, keep everything ready, I swear on you, I will marry in the mahurat. She smiles. Urvashi asks when will he come, is he coming or not. Madhu says he will come on time, he can break promise, not an oath. Pratap and Kartik get to work. Chirag says Arjun got mum’s faith, but he can’t trust Vicky, don’t know what will he do with him.

Arjun is on the way. Mannu makes Rajjo ready. She says I spoke to Vicky, he said this won’t happen again, you also forget it now. Rajjo asks did Arjun come here, tell me. Rajjo hugs her and says why would he come, his marriage is also happening, forget it. Mannu says fine, will you take me in Dahej. Rajjo says I will take you in Shagun. They have a talk. Mannu says just do whatever your heart feels right, you never left running, because your heart felt so, never leave this stubbornness, everything gets fine in the end. Arjun’s family is happy. Pushkar comes. Dada ji says Pushkar is coming before time these days. Pratap says he is family. Pushkar thinks why isn’t Vicky taking my call. Sia comes and complains to him that no one loves her. He hugs her and says you are everyone’s fav here, Urvashi will love you a lot. Sia asks really. He says yes, go and play. Rajjo gets Arjun’s call. She answers. Arjun says listen to me carefully, don’t marry Vicky, he is a criminal.

Rajjo doesn’t get his voice. Urvashi gets angry on the makeup artist. Her mom scolds her. Urvashi says I feel he went after Rajjo, I don’t know what to do. Urvashi says I m scared that Rajjo will separate me from Arjun. Pushkar talks to the inspector. Inspector says Vicky and his friends won’t get saved. Pushkar worries. He calls Vicky. Vicky says keep the money ready, I m marrying Rajjo. Pushkar says Arjun is getting police there. Vicky asks what. Pushkar says don’t dare to take my name, just leave from there. Vicky says I understood. His friend asks what happened. Arjun asks can you hear me. Rajjo says yes. Arjun says hide somewhere, take along Mannu, I m getting the police, Vicky is a criminal, he sells girls, I m reaching with the police. She gets shocked. Vicky comes and ties her up. He says Arjun is making me do this. He asks his friends to leave Mannu and take her. Arjun says I m coming, Vicky can’t do anything. Rajjo gets kidnapped. Madhu and Jhilmil get emotional, talking of Arjun’s marriage. Jhilmil says Arjun will make a balance in all the relations, where is he, did he go for gold facial. Madhu says no, he is in his room, doing puja. She thinks he went to help people. Vicky sees Mannu. Rajjo wishes Mannu turns behind. Vicky smiles. Arjun is on the way.

Arjun stops Vicky and scolds him. Rajjo comes and stops Arjun’s marriage. She says Arjun is my husband.

Update Credit to: Amena

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