Rajjo 9th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Rajjo stops Arjun’s marriage

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The Episode starts with Rajjo asking Arjun to go away and marry Urvashi, he has to go. She says don’t worry for me, look there, you are seeing the sindoor in my maang, but I m the old Rajjo, who just needs her mum in her life, I will do anything without fear, you don’t worry, live life without worry, stay happy. Arjun says you also stay happy, I know you, I trust you. She stops him. She says you don’t think I m fine, I want you to believe that I m fine. She wipes the sindoor. She says its just red colour, I don’t care for this. He says stop, you will get hurt, I know you are fine. She says let me wipe this sign, you are going to start a new life, don’t take memory of this forced marriage. She asks him to go. Meri tumhari…plays… She says congrats for your marriage. He leaves. She sits crying.

Chirag waits for Arjun. Mannu comes to Rajjo and asks for her husband. Rajjo says no, he is just Arjun for me, he married me to save me. Mannu hugs her. Madhu asks Swara to just rush in the work. Rajjo says don’t apologize. Mannu says never forgive me, I did a big mistake, I thought I chose Vicky and did right, no, everything would have got ruined. Rajjo says you didn’t do anything wrong, why to apologize. She cheers up Mannu. Arjun comes home. Chirag says I was so worried for you. Arjun asks is everything fine. Chirag says yes, but you can’t go inside, the family is standing at the front gate, mum and Kalindi are at the back gate, I lied to them, are you fine. Pratap calls out Chirag. Arjun asks him to go.

Rajjo drops the ticket. She says I didn’t get a chance to do anything for Arjun, I won’t let anything wrong happen with him. Mannu coughs. She drinks water. She asks Rajjo to get water. Rajjo steps on the ticket and goes. Madhu and Swara come to the room. Madhu asks where is Arjun. Arjun says Maa. Madhu smiles seeing him.

She says you are looking so good. Chirag makes Arjun wear the sherwani. Madhu happily cries and goes. Chirag says you got saved, you have learnt to climb the pipe. Arjun says I learnt it from Rajjo, she is fine now with her mum, I have to focus on my marriage with Urvashi and give her much happiness. Chirag says you won’t make mistakes like me. Arjun gives the Rudraksh mala to him. Chirag compliments him. They leave.

Rajjo goes to fill water. She gets shocked seeing… Arjun and Urvashi exchange garlands. Mera yaar…plays… They sit in the mandap. Rajjo comes and asks Arjun to stop. Arjun says Rajjo… She says don’t do this marriage, you will be trapped, don’t marry this girl, Urvashi. Madhu shouts stop right there. Rajjo says don’t marry Urvashi. Arjun asks what are you saying. She says you will be ruined, you will go to jail, I request you to break this marriage.

Mannu meets with an accident. Rajjo shouts Maai. Mannu asks Rajjo to never lose. Arjun scolds Rajjo. He gives her a cheque and asks her to leave. Rajjo tears the cheque. She says I don’t want your money, I want to make a deal with you, will you accept.

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