Rang Jaun Tere Rang Mein to go off-air on October 1

Rang Jaun Tere Rang Mein to go off-air on October 1

The TV show, Rang Jaun Tere Rang Mein, which was launched in January 2022, is all set to go off-air on October 1. The channel has decided to pull the plug on the show just a month after the makers roped in Angad Hasija and Reyaansh Vir Chadha to essay the new male leads. Angad and Reyaansh were brought in to replace the original hero, Karam Rajpal in the show.

According to a source, “All of us had pinned our hopes on the new storyline. So the decision to end it has come as a shock to everyone. The unit will wrap up the shoot in a couple of days.”

Earlier in an interview with BT, Karam Rajpal talked about his decision of quitting the show and said, “The show is taking a 20-year time leap and my character would have aged considerably. I didn’t want to play such an older character. The makers and I were in talks regarding the change in the storyline and the time leap. They asked me if I would be comfortable playing an older character. I wasn’t.”

He added, “Prior to this, the show took many time leaps of about a month, two months, and a year. But it didn’t matter as long as I was enjoying being a part of the script and playing my character. I would have also loved playing a father but this isn’t the right time. The key reason for quitting the show is that I don’t want to play father to actors my age at this stage in my career.”

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