Saavi Ki Savaari 15th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Saavi confronts Vedika

Saavi Ki Savaari 15th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nityam telling Saavi that he understands her well, more than her family. He says during their first meet, he understood that what matters to her is the money. Saavi says I told you thousand’s times that what matters to me is my self respect and self esteem. Nityam says this marriage has happened and your hardwork is successful. He says you have become Mrs. Saavi Nityam Dalmia. He asks her to remove the mask of self esteem and asks her to be happy with the jewellery, money and luxurious future. She says you are assuming all these things, though you say that I stay in dreamy world. She was not interested to marry him, or to become the bahu of the house. She says she was happy in her own world and if he thinks that she wants money from him, then no, she don’t want any money from him. She says she is Saavi Goel and will always be Saavi Goel, and don’t want to be Mrs. Saavi Nityam Dalmia. Nityam says he will give her a chance to prove him wrong. He says I will ask you question, and asks her to answer it. He says you thought that I agreed for marriage, but you would have refused. He says my Maa believes in kundali and might have emotional blackmailed you to agree. He asks if you also think that kundali matching is the only reason for marriage success. Saavi says no, I don’t agree and says other things are needed for a successful marriage. Nityam asks why did you agree for our marriage, and cancelled my marriage with Sonam. Saavi thinks I can’t tell you that I did this for Sonam di and Shivam bhaiyya. He calls her gold digger and says you have reached here, but can’t make place in my heart, you was rickshaw wali yesterday, today and all life. He says you will never get rights of my wife. He goes. Saavi is shocked.

Dimpy is seeing some girl’s pics. Himesh asks her why is she searching alliance for him, asks her not to leave him. Dimpy says she is seeing the girl’s pics for Nityam’s marriage, as auto wali can’t stay here for long, and then she will bring the girl of her choice so that she helps her to ruin Nityam’s life. She says Saavi has ruined Nityam’s half life by marrying him. Sonam calls Dimpy. Dimpy picks the call. Sonam says you told me that we can together break Saavi and Nityam’s marriage and asks can we do this, and tells that she wants to get the place back which she had in Nityam’s life and wants her help to throw Saavi from his life. Dimpy asks are you okay? Sonam. Sonam asks will you help me? Dimpy says I don’t break the deal which I do once. She says I don’t think that Saavi will stay here, and promises to help her. Ratna asks Sonam, who was on call. Sonam says Dimpy ji called to ask about me. Ratna asks Sonam to focus on her life and stay away from wrong doings, and tells that Dimpy is not good. Shivam calls Sonam and asks if Saavi reached her sasural. Ratna signs her to say yes. Sonam says yes. Shivam tells her that someone had poisoned the food and tells that he will catch the guilty people and get them punished. Ratna and Sonam get worried.

Giridhar comes to Nityam’s room and asks Saavi, where to keep this bag? Saavi says nowhere, as this bag and I am leaving. Vedika asks Tashu to give medicines to Yudi. Giridhar comes there and informs them that Saavi is leaving. Tashu says surely bhai must have told her something. Vedika says she will go and talk to her. She goes there and asks Saavi where is she going, without telling her? Saavi says she is leaving the house. Vedika says just now your grah pravesh happened in your house and you want to leave. Saavi asks my house, and says you did my grah pravesh and I am not welcomed here, and this thing is told to me clearly. Vedika asks what did Nityam tell you? Saavi says previously he used to call me thief, but now selfish, greedy, clever and gold digger, a girl for which money and luxuries matter, Nityam Dalmia’s name matter, who cleverly made a game plan who snatched happiness from her elder sister and came here. She says when Dalmia ji said this, I was not surprised as I am habitual to hear this from him. She says I am hurt due to you, as you lied to me that he agreed for marriage. She says I was surprised and then thought why Vedika aunty will lie to me, she is like my mother, may be Dalmia jis hatred got lessened for me. She says I am foolish to blindly believe you. She takes her bag and is leaving. Vedika asks her to hear her side of perspective as she gave her motherly rights. Saavi says sorry aunty ji, today you have lost this right. She says may be my words might hurt you, and reminds her of her own words that the no relation can withstand lie. She asks how did you think that our relation will stand on the basis of lie. She says you just tried to save your son’s happiness, and says I wish you could have thought about someone’s daughter also.

Vedika says I was not worried just about his happiness, but for his life. She sees the diya setting off and lights again. She says I want to save Nityam’s lie. She says you are snatching my rights from me, I don’t agree, as the way you are fighting and leaving this house, this happens between mother and daughter. She says you have to understand me, and tells that due to some incidents in her life, she believes on kundalis. She says Mahant ji had warned that if Nityam don’t marry you then can die or a big trouble can come on his life. She says I just thought about his life and that’s why lied. She says you are not selfish, but I am selfish. She says not just Kundali, but there were other reasons to make you as my bahu. She says we build a relation on the first meet itself, and says she was impressed with her and used to thought always how a girl can be so honest, selfless, understanding etc. She says you both are made for each other. She says Nityam had same qualities like you, but he had lost it. She says you can bring back the lost Nityam back, with your patience.

Precap: Saavi returns to home and tells Nityam that she will not leave from this room or the house. She asks him to end the marriage then talk. Nityam says he is ready to act for his mother and ties the ghatbandhan.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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