Saavi Ki Savaari 1st October 2022 Written Episode Update: Shivam is released from Police Custody

Saavi Ki Savaari 1st October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saavi coming to Nityam. Nityam is grinding the haldi. Saavi sees the turmeric pieces still there. He asks if she is ghost to roam here and there in midnight. She asks if you are owl to be awake till late. Nityam asks if you don’t see in night and says I am doing an important work. He asks her to go to room and sleep. Saavi says I need your help, you had said about returning the favor to settle the scores. Nityam says I was right, that you came to ask something. Saavi says you are wrong, I need your help but I don’t need for myself, but for someone else. Nityam asks her to say and leave. Saavi says someone known to me, was locked in indore jail due to false accusations and I need a good lawyer to bail him out. Nityam asks what you said and says I am not surprised, and says a thief will help another. He refuses to help her, and says I will return your favor, but will not help a criminal. He grinds the haldi and something falls in his eyes. Saavi says if he was your brother, then also you will not save him. She says Shiv bhaiyya is a very nice guy and caught in a fake case. Nityam asks her to fight the case. Saavi says deal is deal and says you knows the terms and conditions better, asks him to return her favor. Nityam says you can’t force me. Saavi says I am just requesting you. She says if you don’t think that fire incident favor big then I will teach you how to grind the haldi. He says he don’t want her help. She says she will grind the haldi which he can’t do all night. Nityam says you want to interfere in everything. They grind the haldi together. Nazdeekiyan song plays….Saavi wipes her forehead with her turmeric hands. Nityam also does the same and says you grinded all the haldi intentionally. Saavi says I did this so that no hurdles come in my Didi’s way and she smiles. She says this favor was to save someone’s life, if you don’t want to do it, then its ok. Nityam messages her that he will do. Saavi thinks Shivam bhaiyya, hug Nityam as your younger brother some day. She goes.

Yudi and Dada ji are surprised to see the haldi powder grinded by Nityam. Vedika says it is done by Nityam. She says Maha Pandit ji will reach here in few hours and says he will see the face and tell everything. She says like my friend Saavi said, that the right thing shall happen.

Ratna, Sonam, Saavi and others dance during haldi ceremony. Nutam gets emotional seeing Sonam. Sonam asks her to keep some tears saved for marriage. Saavi gets Shrivastav’s call and she gets happy to know that Shiv Bhaiyya got released. She thanks Inspector.

Nityam comes there with his family. Vedika tells that Saavi has positive energy and asks Sonam why is she happy? Nityam thinks she made me returned her favor and is happy as if she is going to do someone’s bharat milap. Shivam is released and is happy, thinks nothing can keep him away from Sonam. He asks constable to charge his phone. He takes the corn and eats it. Sonam and Nityam are seated for haldi ceremony. He hears Krishna’s message that Sonam is getting married in Malwa Resort, and asking him to come. Shivam is shocked and gets teary eyes. Sonam and Nityam get haldi applied to them by their families. Sonam gets Shiv’s call. Ratna asks her to change his name in mobile. She says if he came to know that we had poisoned the food in canteen. Sonam says he is doing video calls to me, and says if I don’t pick his calls then? Ratna makes juice falls on her dress and says we shall clear it. Vedika asks Nutan where did she go? Saavi says Mami took her, as something fell on her dress. Vedika tells that Saavi is glowing today. Nutan says as if haldi is applied to you before. Saavi says she is not getting married so soon.

Sonam talks to Shivam on video’s call and tells him that today is her sister’s haldi and not her haldi. She asks him not to believe his friend. Shivam says how to believe you, I am leaving for Malwa resort, and says Krishna’s call is not connecting so I don’t know whom you are marrying, and says if you get married and betray me then not doli, but arthi will be taken out from Malwa resort. Sonam says don’t come here, I will make you understand. Shivam says if you get married then you will do grah pravesh in your sasural with your husband and my blood and not alta. Sonam is shocked.

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