Saavi Ki Savaari 21st October 2022 Written Episode Update

Saavi Ki Savaari 21st October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saavi calling Nutan and asks her to search money in the house. Nutan and others panic hearing the amount and run in the house insearch of the money. Sonam and Ananya search and couldn’t get it. Nutan asks Saavi why did you come out with so much money. Ratan comes there and says she couldn’t find the money and panics. Sonam thinks why she is panicking. Saavi asks them not to take tension and ends the call. Nutan gets worried and says her sasural family might have given the money and she has lost it. She says she will call Saavi, but Ratna stops her. Tillu calls Ratna. Brijesh gets upset hearing he has come.

Saavi touches feet of all the elders in the house, but Dada ji and Yudi don’t bless her. Vedika blesses her. Saavi is about to touch Dimpy’s feet. Dimpy stops her and says our age is almost same. Tashu says yes, Dimpy aunty. She congrats Saavi for her first karwachauth and says all the best. Saavi thanks her. Tashu says you have to keep fast all day and says don’t worry, your saas is having soft heart. Dimpy says Saavi must be habitual to be hungry and thirsty while riding Chattriprasad, and asks how she used to have the food in auto. Saavi says she used to have food with the tiffin made by Maa. Dimpy says amazing, and tells Vedika that she might be thinking that she is asking her bahu so much. She says she just wanted to know. Yudi says lets start the rasam. Dimpy sits infront of Yudi and takes her blessings. Himesh takes the pics. Vedika asks Yudi to give Saavi’s thaali. Yudi tells Dimpy that new bahu’s saas shall give her sargi. Saavi says you are elder in the house, so your blessings is the foremost important. Yudi says she is less upset with her and more upset with Vedika. She says Vedika has forgotten that her Saas is still in the house. She asks her not to have any hopes from her and goes.

Tillu eats the food and says it is a much hardwork to eat the food. Brijesh asks Ratna why did her brother come when they have scarcity of food. Ratna taunts him and says she knows well what it means to share the food with the relatives when they have scarcity.

She comes to Tillu and tells that her jija is upset as he came. Tillu asks who gave the money to mix poison in canteen food. Sonam says she had given notes to the cleaner Paras, as topper notes are very precious. Tillu says Paras. Shivam gets to know about Paras. Ratna says if Shivam reached Paras before you. Tillu says he needs money. Ratna says I will give 1 lakh Rs. Sonam asks from where? Ratna signs her. Sonam says first work and then money. Tillu thinks food aroma and notes smell reach his nose always.

Vedika covers dupatta on Saavi’s head and says she is looking beautiful.

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