Saavi Ki Savaari 21st September 2022 Written Episode Update: Nityam and Sonam arrive at resort

Saavi Ki Savaari 21st September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vedika asking Giridhar to keep the shagun stuff bags in the brown car with her, and the other stuff shall be kept in the red car. She says event management team will come to decorate Nityam and bahu’s room, and asks him to make them have coffee/tea. She sneezes. Nityam asks Tashu to cancel all the bookings at the resort. He asks Yudi to call Goel family and tell them that nobody shall leave the house now. He asks Dadu to call Pandit ji. Vedika asks if you will do this due to the sneezes. Dimpy thinks I will not let the marriage cancelled without drama. She asks why Nityam is believing superstitions. Vedika says he is concerned about my health. Nityam says he will go and call the doctor. Vedika says no and tells that this marriage will happen, and asks him to sit in the car silently.

Krishna is decorating the resort and wonders why he is not picking the call. Saavi meets Shrivastav and tells him that Shiv is very honest and wants to settled down. She says he can’t do this and worries for his fiancé. Sonam keeps her head out of the car and thinks finally she is having free breath, Shiv shall rest in jail until I get married. Ratna calls Saavi and asks her to bring some stuff. Saavi says she will bring and asks her to message her about the list. Nityam and his family come to the resort and is greeted by the Manager and others. Sauda khara khara plays….Nityam gives tissue to Vedika. Vedika says she is fine. Nityam says why your badi mummy is silent, as she don’t want to sneeze infront of me. Vedika says all his dramas will be handled by his wife. Dada ji says the bride’s family haven’t come till now. Nityam opens the car door and helps Brijesh comes down the car. The manager welcomes them with the garlands too. Nityam looks at Sonam. Sonam smiles. Krishna is standing but doesn’t see Sonam. Ratna tells that she will dance on the song kala chasma. Brijesh says you gave a big list to Saavi. Sonam thinks it is good if Saavi doesn’t come, and thinks if she had not changed the kundalis, then Saavi would have been married today. Vedika praises Sonam’s beauty. Sonam says even she is looking more beautiful. Vedika and Nutan talk about missing their husbands. Krishna doesn’t see Sonam again. Nityam and Sonam go to talk. Tashu and Ananya see their social networking site. Sonam asks Nityam if she is looking good, and says she is not habitual to wear saree. Nityam asks Sonam about Saavi and says I want to know if she is coming or not. He says he don’t want anything to happen in two days. Sonam says she gets all the attention, doing anything. Saavi comes there in her auto, gets down and starts dancing. The watchman asks who is she? Saavi says she is bride. The watchman says he will call more security. Saavi says she is joking and says you are big security guard for us. She says she brought marriage stuff. The watchman asks her to go. Nityam says Saavi knows only one thing, she makes me angry and says why she brought her auto here. He says you should have refused and thought about our status. Sonam says Saavi is very stubborn and tells that she will make her understand. Nityam asks her to make her understand that she is now Dalmia’s relative, else he will make her understand. He goes to Saavi and asks why did she bring her auto here? Saavi says Chattriprasad is our family. Nityam gives example of bouquet and asks her to park her auto somewhere else. Saavi thinks just 1 day, Chattriprasad, Mr. Dishaheen will know your importance. Nityam asks her to move her auto from there. She picks all the stuff and goes behind him. Everyone sees Saavi bringing all the stuff. Saavi keeps the stuff and touches Vedika’s feet. Vedika kisses her forehead. She says I was asking where is my Jaan? Saavi says sorry for getting late. Dimpy says you don’t have Servants like us, you are driver and also shopper. Saavi says they do the house themselves and don’t go like guests. She asks Vedika if she has cold. Vedika asks her not to say. She asks everyone to go to their rooms and says she will come in sometime.

Shivam asks Inspector to call Sonam goel, and says she is his fiancé. The Inspector asks him to ask her to search a lover, as he will not go out from here. Shivam gets angry and pushes him. Inspector slaps him. Saavi tells Vedika that she got cold. Vedika says some people don’t understand that it is not illness. Saavi says she has a remedy for it. She tells about kada recipe. Nityam asks Krishna to send Kada for his mother. Saavi tells the recipe and says she will send the kada. Krishna asks Saavi to tell the bride’s full name as he has to put it on the board for the photo shoot. Saavi says Sonam Goel. Krishna thinks if Shiv’s Sonam and Nityam’s sonam is one.


Update Credit to: H Hasan

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