Saavi Ki Savaari 22nd September 2022 Written Episode Update

Saavi Ki Savaari 22nd September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna thinking if Shivam’s Goel is marrying Nityam Dalmia. Dimpy comes there and says it is Nityam Dalmia’s marriage. Krishna thinks there might be many Sonam goel in the city. Ratna tells Sonam that she will be scared until she gets married to Nityam and goes from here. Sonam tells Ratna that neither Saavi and Nityam’s class or Jodi matches. Ratna smiles seeing Saavi carrying all the load while Nityam is walking ahead of her.

Ratna gets surprised seeing the soft pillows in the room. The beautician is straightening Sonam’s hair. Ratna asks Sonam to tell her inlaws to hire someone to pinch. She sees assorted dry fruits and juice and gets happy. She asks Nutan why she is happy. Nutan says she is feeling strange, says Nityam’s family is spending too much, but we are not. Ratna asks parlour girl. The girl says she is from make up and hair team. Ratna asks about her salary. The girl says 40000. Ratna says it is our 2-3 months expenses and says what we can spend infront of them. Sonam says Mami is right, we Dalmia’s can spend this much, why you are taking tension. Ratna looks at Sonam and says we are not habitual to call you Dalmia. Sonam asks her to get habitual. Saavi comes there and says they asked us to get ready for Kundali puja. Nutan says we shall not let them wait. Ratna asks what puja? Saavi says they keep special puja of the kundalis to read the nakshtras etc. Ratna panics. Nutan asks what happened? Sonam says she can’t miss the important photo shoot, for the puja and asks her Vedika to cancel it. Nutan tells her that she has seen that since her kundali matched with the rich people, you are thinking that you don’t need God’s blessings, and says who can give, can snatch too due to ego. Saavi says didi was joking. Nutan says don’t save Sonam. She tells Sonam that she will be Goel before marriage and asks her to learn goodness from Vedika. She asks her not to call Vedika as Aunty and asks them to come in 10 mins.

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