Saavi Ki Savaari 23rd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Krishna shocked to see Sonam

Saavi Ki Savaari 23rd September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sonam hugging Saavi and thanks her for saving her Nityam’s life, and says you have done a big favor on me. Vedika tells Sonam that Saavi made her indebted to her, which can never be returned. She says you have saved me and has proved that you can go to any extent to save people. Saavi says she didn’t do a big thing. Dadi tells Vedika that Nityam did this because of her. Vedika apologizes to Nityam. Dimpy says how did the kundalis got burnt. Ratna asks Mahant ji if the kundalis are fully burnt. Everyone looks at her. She then pretends to cry and asks if everything is fine. Mahant ji says kundali pujan was done, just we have to read it. He says it is very unfortunate. Nityam apologizes to Vedika and says I couldn’t save the kundalis. Vedika says Saavi saved you and this is enough for me. She asks everyone to get ready for the photo shoot. Dimpy says she is ready. Dada ji tells Yudi that Vedika bahu is acting. Yudi says yes, it is fake, burning the kundalis is not a small thing. Sonam and Ratna come to room and laugh, says kundalis are burnt. Sonam says Shiv is in jail. Ratna says you will become Mrs. Nityam dalmia. Sonam tells Ratna that Nityam hates Saavi a lot. Ratna asks her to think about becoming Maharani of Ujjain. She says you was very worried due to kundalis, and there is no pic of Nityam and you. Sonam says all cameras will be on us, our pics will be such that nobody will doubt that someone else was destined to be with Nityam. Saavi comes there and asks if she tried the dress for the photo shoot.

Sonam says she wants to wear some other dress. Vedika comes to the puja room and sees the burnt kundalis. She thinks of Mahant ji’s words and cries. Yudi and Dada ji come there. Vedika shares her worries with them that she has understood listening to her father, that the nakshatras and grahs matter, says since we have changed the marriage date, nothing is going good. Yudi asks if you have thought, what to do. Vedika says bade Mahant ji can do something. Dada ji tells his name. Yudi says he is in Kedarnath for International astrology.

Vedika says she has to call him, she will make the impossible thing possible. Nityam is swimming in the pool and thinks of Saavi saving him. He recalls Vedika’s thankful words to Saavi. Krishna comes there, talking on the phone and sees Nityam. He runs away from there. Dimpy comes to the resort’s boutiques and buys the clothes. The beauty and make up team comes there. Saavi goes to the designer Lara and tells that her Didi doesn’t like the dress sent by her. Lara insults Saavi asking her not to touch the designer clothes. Dimpy says she is bride’s sister and asks Lara to have manners. Lara apologizes to Saavi. Saavi tells what will match on Sonam and tells that the person is not identified by clothes, and says clothes enhances the personality. Dimpy shows the dresses to Saavi. Saavi asks if it will fit. Lara says yes. Saavi says your outfit is suiting you well, Ms. Lara. Dimpy cuts the button from the dress, and thinks everyone’s clothes will be torn in this photo shoot.

Saavi is going from near the pool. She sees Nityam and turns to go from there. Nityam calls her and comes out of pool. He wears the bathrobe. He says whatever you did in kundali puja, I don’t like. Saavi asks what did I do? He says you saved my life. Saavi says sorry. Nityam says I don’t keep anyone’s favours, and says you have done a favor on me, which I don’t want. She says 5 feet distance. He moves back and asks what do you want? Saavi says I will inform you when I am jumping in fire. She is about to slip in the pool when Nityam holds her hand. Saavi says you have saved me, now scores are settled. He says nobody dies falling in pool. Saavi says ok, I will tell later. Nityam says I know and misunderstands him. He makes her fall in the Pool and says scores are not yet settled. Krishna thinks to find out about Sonam. Sonam comes to Saavi and asks her not to fall in the pool wearing such clothes and don’t get her insulted. Someone brings the clothes. Sonam asks if it is selected by Dimpy and says she likes it. Saavi says you shall have your own style and says Mummy says that you are princess, and asks her to try the fitting. Sonam thinks she will manage being rich. She gets Krishna’s call and says he is Manager. Sonam asks him to tell photographer to take her right profile pics, as it is good that left profile. Krishna is shocked and thinks voice is same. He thinks how to confirm his doubt that this Sonam and his dear friend Shiv’s Sonam is one. Saavi is sitting in the room, when Krishna brings juice there. He looks at Sonam’s face and gets shocked. Saavi looks at him.

Precap: Sonam comes there. Everyone looks at Sonam. Dimpy says it will be first and last photo of this bride. She goes to Sonam and collides with her. Sonam falls, and her dress gets torn. Everyone looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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