Saavi Ki Savaari 24th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Krishna reveals Sonam’s truth to Saavi

Saavi Ki Savaari 24th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sonam telling the beauty team that she wants light make with dramatic eyes, as she is marrying Nityam and asks them to make her look good. Saavi asks her to light her make up and for eyes, apply shimmer and liner. Sonam asks Ananya how is she looking. Ananya says just ok. Saavi asks why did you say? Krishna comes there and tells Saavi that he brought orange juice for the bride. Saavi says bride is stressed and takes juice from him and closes the door. The Manager asks Krishna why is he doing the house keeping staff work, when he is floor manager. Nityam tells Tashu about Amazon Mini video. Tashu says it is different web serious and young people wants this.

Ananya tells Brijesh that her dress is plain and Tashu’s dress is so good. Brijesh says you are angel from my sight. Ananya says I don’t get love like I get from my Papa on social media.

Nityam asks his employees Kiran and other guy, that they shall thinks his marriage as the business event and it is best chance to show to the competitors. Kiran says we have shifted office here and planned for live telecast. Dimpy says Sonam’s wardrobe malfunction and Nityam’s insult. Saavi asks Sonam to smile and asks her not to get angry on her today. Sonam says ok.

Tashu asks Nityam to smile, else he will get the news that Dalmia industries is in loss. He asks where is Maa, Yudi and Dada ji? Tashu says they are stressed. Vedika tells that bade mahant ji are coming and will make everything fine. They start dancing. Ratna asks them. Vedika lies to her and tells that she is doing this for Nityam, everyone will get worried if they see me worried.

Saavi brings Sonam for the photoshoot. Everyone smiles. Dimpy says we shall start with the family photo. They all pose altogether. Nityam makes Tashu stand with Sonam and goes to her other side. Saavi is standing other side. Nityam says scores shall be settled. Saavi asks him to smile. Dimpy says now it is power couple shoot. Nityam gets a message and goes. Dimpy calls photographer and collides with Sonam. Sonam’s dress unzips. Saavi sends message to Shrivastav ji about Shiv. Sonam calls Saavi and tells her about the dress. Krishna thinks to prove that Sonam is disloyal. Dimpy asks Photographer to take backside photos of brides. Saavi asks Sonam to smile. She asks Ananya to get the pin. Ananya asks Ratna to give the pin. Ratna gives. Saavi asks Ananya to get a dupatta for her. She ties her dupatta to Sonam in style. Dimpy asks Saavi to move from there. Nityam asks Sonam what Saavi is doing here? Saavi says my didi is looking as princess. Nityam asks Sonam what happened? Himesh tells Dimpy that Saavi ruined her plan. Dimpy says she is very clever and failed my plan.

Vedika says you made Sonam’s dress looking wonderful. Krishna climbs the tree and waits to see bride’s face. He clicks Sonam and Nityam’s pic and gets shocked. He thinks I had told that Sonam goel is Shiv’s bewafa. Saavi sees Krishna taking the photographers and asks him to come down. She throws the stones on him. Krishna comes down the tree. Manager comes there. Saavi complains to him about Krishna. Manager asks other staff to throw him out. Krishna tells her that she didn’t know that her sister is a betrayal and tells that she got engaged to his dear friend in the temple and now getting married to Nityam. He says all kids of Ujjain knows that Sonam is disloyal. Saavi gets shocked. She comes back. Sonam goes to Saavi and asks what happened? Saavi says nothing. Sonam asks her to say truth and gives swear of Chattriprasad. Saavi tells that the floor Manager Krishna was telling wrong things about her, so she got him fired. Sonam asks what was his name? Saavi says Krishna singh. Sonam asks what nonsense he was saying? Saavi says that you are engaged to his friend. Sonam is shocked.

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