Saavi Ki Savaari 28th September 2022 Written Episode Update

Saavi Ki Savaari 28th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saavi asking the mehendi designer about who has given her money to write R on Sonam’s hands. Mehendi designer says bengalan Dimpy. Saavi thinks why Dimpy is doing this, wants to break the marriage. She thinks if she goes then Dimpy will be successful. Vedika tells Dada ji and Yudi that why there is hurdle in Nityam’s marriage again and again. Saavi asks someone about Dimpy’s bungalow number and goes there. Himesh is watching Sonam and Shivam’s video. He says marriage will be band in sangeet, when your and your boyfriend’s photos and videos will come infront of everyone. Dimpy comes there. Saavi is hiding behind the window and hearing them. Dimpy says you was telling our scheme. She scolds him. He says I was checking that pendrive which we will show to everyone and break Nityam and Sonam’s marriage for forever. Dimpy says marriage will break and says I don’t believe that Sonam was dreaming to become Mrs. Dalmia showing kundali and MBA degree. She says nothing wrong shall happen. Saavi thinks to find out what is in the pendrive. Dimpy hears the noise and tells Himesh. Himesh says someone is hearing us. He says he is hungry and asks her to come. Dimpy says she has to talk to hair stylish. Himesh asks her to come. They leave. Saavi comes inside the bungalow through the window. Dimpy tells Himesh that they shall get the pendrive. He says he has kept it in the cupboard. She asks did you lock it. Himesh says no. Saavi is about to take the pendrive, when Himesh comes there. Savai hides. Himesh takes the pendrive and thinks to hide it, safely. He keeps it in the locker. Saavi comes back and finds the locker locked. She thinks to go and tell everything to Sonam.

Nityam and Sonam practice dancing for their sangeet. Ananya says you are dancing so well. Tashu says you are awesome. She asks Nityam to do good dance steps. Sonam asks the choreographer to give him easy steps and give her difficult steps so that she can lead. She asks if I said wrong. Nityam says you are perfect. Saavi comes there and takes Sonam to side. She says I want to talk to Dimpy. Sonam says Nityam is sure that you have given money to mehendi designer. Saavi says don’t you trust me? Sonam says you want to badmouth about my sasural people and wants me to hear. Saavi thinks not to tell her, and tells that Dimpy is practicing well, so she shall dance well too.

Ratna talks to the neighbors guests and tells big lies. Pari and Neeti come to the sangeet. Pari says they were invited by Vedika aunty and has to go tomorrow.

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