Saavi Ki Savaari 31st October 2022 Written Episode Update: Nityam’s night stay in Saavi’s house

Saavi Ki Savaari 31st October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saavi crying and telling Sonam that if she had not changed the kundalis then her life wouldn’t have gone through the turmoil. She says I was happy in my small world, my dream was my uniform, Chattriprasad’s roof and Maa’s hand made food. She says everything is broken. Sonam kisses on her forehead and says I didn’t think that this will happen. She says the thing happened which was destined. Sonam hugs her and thinks she will fulfill her dreams and will change her destiny. She thinks though she has sympathy for her, but she is the girl because of whom her dreams are shattered. Nutan gets Vedika’s call and informs everyone that Nityam is coming to take Saavi home. Ratna says if he comes to know then he will know about Sonam’s birthday. Sonam says then he will understand that the birthday was of Saavi in his house. Nutan says let Nityam know about this. Ratna says Saavi’s life will be affected and tells that they will taunt her that her family is fraud. Nutan says your Mama doesn’t know about Kundali. Saavi goes to Brijesh and says Sonam didi don’t want to celebrate her birthday this time, as Nityam is also coming. Brijesh says nobody values my halwa. Saavi says she likes it and tastes it. Nityam comes there. Saavi says she will pack her stuff.

Nutan asks her to call him inside. Saavi says may be he has some important work, we shall leave. Nityam comes inside and asks if he will get a cup of tea. Everyone is shocked. Brijesh says Damad ji asked for tea. Nutan says yes. Ananya asks shall I try, as Tashvi had said about your special tea. Saavi asks Nityam if he didn’t sleep in night. He recalls the dream and asks why is she asking? Saavi says you are behaving strangely, so I asked. She says she will bring her bag, then they will leave. Nityam coughs. Everyone turn to him. Nityam asks why are you surprised, as it is a custom that if I dropped her then I will take her back. Nutan says there is another custom and tells about Maandaan, and says Damad stay in the house for a night, and we shall take care of you. She says but our house is very small. Nityam says I had said before also that I am small than you and you didn’t ask me and thought that I will not agree for Maandaan rasam. Nutan asks if we ask then will you stay back. Nityam sits on the chair and says I was about to say yes. Nutan asks Ratna to pinch her, being surprised. Ratna and Nutan pinch each other. Brijesh and Ananya also pinch each other. Saavi comes there and asks Nityam why did he sit? Everyone say that Damad ji will stay here tonight. Saavi pinches herself and is surprised.

Nutan gives tea to Nityam. Nityam asks them to sit. Brijesh says I am sitting on my wheel chair. Ananya and Nutan make an excuse. Ratna tells him that 5 out of 6 chairs are broken, and if we sit then we have to get treated. Ananya says so much money went in Mummy’s treatment that we don’t have money to repair ourselves, we couldn’t repair my study lamp. Nutan stops Ananya and asks Nityam to take tea. Nityam recalls Vedika’s words. Ananya asks how is the tea? Nityam says 80 out of 100. Ananya appreciates his honesty. Sonam comes there and says hi. She asks how is he? He says he is hungry. Nutan says she will serve food. Saavi tells Nityam that car is not parked properly, there will be jam till the morning. Nityam sits in the car and couldn’t park his car properly, due to the small lane. Saavi helps him park the car. Nityam gets down the car. Saavi says you stayed here with your wish, you used to have 1 roti in dinner, but you have 3 rotis today, and says you had turai sabzi made by Maa, which was not good. She asks why is he behaving nicely with her family. Nityam says I was ready to get related to this family, but was not ready to related to you, then and now. He says don’t be surprised if I eat more in your house. He asks where shall I sleep. Saavi says there are fans in the rooms, and we don’t have AC at home, so Maa asked you to sleep on the terrace.

Saavi is taking pillows and blanket for Nityam. Sonam offers to take it. Saavi gives it to her. Sonam comes to the terrace and tells Nityam that she wants to clear few things. She says you get awkward when we come face to face. She says your marriage happened with my sister, when we had met, we felt that we are perfect lifepartners as they are same, and tells that they shall be friends. Nityam says yes, we can be friends. Sonam asks him to help her set the bedsheet. He says yes. Sonam and Nityam place the bedsheet on the bed and asks him to tell her, if she needs anything. Nityam thinks she is so understanding and good. Nutan tells Sonam that she heard how she talked to Nityam. Sonam thinks Maa might doubt her intentions.

Precap: Vedika comes to Nutan’s house and wishes them happy Diwali. She says she has come to take Saavi to her house. Dimpy sees Dalmia family’s idols and thinks how did they come out before the puja. Vedika tells Nutan that Saavi has to do duty of Dalmia bahu. Dimpy thinks to blacken Saavi’s life.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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