Saavi Ki Savaari 5th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Sonam and Ratna burn Saavi’s passport

Saavi Ki Savaari 5th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saavi thinking about Ananya’s words. Nityam asks Ananya if she is feeling cold. Ananya says yes. Saavi asks her to take her dupatta. Nityam says she would have told him, he will switch off the AC. He then asks Ananya about the agarbatti order. Saavi asks why we are going to Ujjain business centre at 6 pm. Nityam says they have to do some paper work as they are going for honeymoon to Europe. Saavi says honeymoon. He says I thought you will be happy. Saavi says she don’t want to go on any luxury holiday and wants to stay here in Ujjain. She asks Nityam to stop the car and tells that they will go by walk from here. Nityam says I will drop Ananya inside. He asks what is the matter? Ananya says nothing. Saavi says you have a meeting. Nityam says I will meet everyone and then leave. He gets call from Kiran and tells Ananya that he has to go to office for urgent work. He asks Ananya to go and says he has to talk to Saavi for 2 mins. He asks Saavi to prove that she don’t want to go to luxury hotel, and asks her not to come there, and if she comes then Sonam’s name will be replaced with her. Saavi says she don’t want to go, but has given a word to Vedika. Nityam says you call her Maa now and misunderstands her for using Vedika.

Saavi gets down the car and starts walking. Sonam searches for Saavi’s passport. Dimpy asks her to search it else get ready to see Cosy pics of Nityam and Saavi. Just then Nutan calls her and tells that Brijesh and Ratna are fighting. Brijesh and Ratna argue over the necklace, and he asks her to give it so that they can sell it and repay the money to the lakshmi trust. Ratna says she will not give it. Nutan says Ratna is right. Sonam asks them not to fight. Saavi comes there. Ananya says I told her everything. Ratna says Saavi will sell her values and pay the money. She says she will do something. Brijesh says now she has no responsibility of the house after her marriage. He asks Ratna to take necklace from Ananya else he will not be her husband and Ananya’s father. Ratna says you both have given me a good gift. She takes necklace from Ananya. Ananya asks Saavi not to feel bad, take her passport and go. Brijesh asks her to go. Nutan asks Ratna to think again. Ratna says didn’t you hear what your brother said.

Nityam asks Razzak to come. Razzak asks if I have done anything wrong, then please accept my apology. Nityam asks him to sit on the sofa, and tells that you haven’t done anything wrong, instead you have left your impression on my heart by showing your bravery, risked your life for my family and that’s why I want you to be part of my new autorickshaw company. Razzak says part of your company. Nityam shows him contracts and the terms and conditions and says I want you to become part of us and start work with investors. Razzak asks if Saavi had said something to you, and regard me as her brother. Nityam says Saavi has nothing to do with this, I offered you this, as I trust your honestly, loyalty, hardwork etc and I want to set a new image of Dalmia industries. He says if you agree then I want you to sign and give the papers to me. Razzak says he has won lottery and thanks him, touching his hand. He takes the file with him.

Saavi goes to her room. Sonam comes behind her and asks why are you crying? She asks her to forget their worries and concentrate her life with Nityam. Saavi says she can’t forget the problems. Sonam says I am here and will handle the matter. Saavi says if you haven’t changed the kundali then I would be here and would have settle everything. Sonam asks her to focus on her future and gives her water to drink. She asks where did you keep the passport. Saavi says it is in almari, between the clothes. Sonam gets the file and gives it to Saavi. Saavi checks her passport. Sonam thinks if I couldn’t go then Saavi also couldn’t go. She collides with her and makes the file and the passport falls down. She bends down to pick it and hides the passport under the mat. Saavi takes the file and goes.

Shivam finds out that Tillu is Triloki jain. He thinks why Sonam and Saavi’s Mama will do this. Ratna recalls Brijesh’s words and gets angry. Sonam puts the passport to burn and pours oil on it. Ratna comes there and lights the match sticks. Sonam says I was burning Saavi’s passport. Ratna says that’s why I am lighting the match stick. They burn the passport. Sonam says now Saavi can’t go to honeymoon, you shall complain about me, and you are doing this. Ratna says if you had become Nityam’s wife then you would have helped us. She says I will help you to become Sonam Nityam Dalmia.

Precap: brijesh calls Saavi and says Saavi ki Sawaari shall go on full speed. He is on the road when the bus hits him. Saavi shouts Mama ji.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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