Saavi Ki Savaari 6th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Vedika makes a decision

Saavi Ki Savaari 6th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nutan telling Vedika that Sonam’s kundali is not rare and difficult kundali which can match with Nityam’s difficult kundali. She says I came to know this just now. She says I thought you wanted educated girl for Nityam. Vedika says we were getting many educated girls, but we liked sonam as her kundali matched with Nityam earlier. Nutan apologizes to her. Vedika says there is just 1 hour for the marriage, media had come, and guests came from everywhere. She says what to tell the guests? She says my son’s life is about to be ruined and you want me to forgive you. Nutan says when you brought alliance for Sonam, I was thinking that we are poor. Vedika says money doesn’t matter to us, that kundalis matter. Saavi says sorry and says we really don’t know that Dalmia ji and Sonam di kundalis don’t match. She says just as we know, we came to tell you and swears on Chattriprasad. Vedika asks how did the kundalis matched them. Saavi says we don’t know how did this happen. Mahant ji says according to chote Mahant ji, Sonam’s name kundali matched with Nityam’s kundali. He says if the name was wrong, then whose birth details was it inside. Vedika asks Nutan to say. Nutan goes to Saavi and says it was of Saavi. She says Saavi’s kundali is rare and one among lakhs, which can’t match with any ordinary kundalis. She tells Vedika that she didn’t know that she is looking for rare kundalis, and that kundali which had matched was of Saavi. Vedika asks Mahant ji to tell what to do? Saavi and Nutan fold their hands. Mahant ji blesses them. Nutan asks Saavi to come. Vedika recalls Nutan telling that they will agree to her decision.

Mahant ji says I know you since your childhood, you have understanding, and your father used to show the way to people seeing the kundali and you used to hear the heart voice and show the way to people. Vedika says I took wrong decision for my son and asks what to do? He asks her to ask her heart. He says your heart was telling you that Sonam and Nityam’s Jodi was not right and that’s why you called me here. She asks what do you want to say. Mahant ji says you shall think who is right for Nityam and who can be a good life partner for Nityam. Vedika closes her eyes and sees Saavi saving her in temple, then seeing her in the house and Saavi telling that she rides rickshaw. She recalls Saavi and her moments. She opens her eyes and says Saavi.

Ratna gets Sonam ready in bridal lehenga. Sonam says she will wear only diamond and gold jewellery. The bridal team says your inlaws sent you diamonds and kundali set. Sonam snaps her fingers and says Nityam does this. Ratan gets happy seeing the jewellery and tries jewellery on her. She says you have changed our destiny by swapping Saavi’s kundalis with yours. Nutan tells Brijesh about it. Brijesh says how can this happen? Nutan says Vedika is very hurt. Saavi calls Sonam and says her phone is off and Mami is not picking the call. Brijesh says she might be getting ready for marriage which will not happen.

Yudi asks Giridhar if he forgot something. He says yes. Yudi asks him to send the list. Dada ji asks Yudi, to marry him. Yudi asks him not to talk childish infront of Sonam and praises her. Brijesh says Sonam will be shattered when she comes to the mandap and comes to know that she is not getting married. She says I have to tell Sonam about this. Saavi says I will talk to Didi and Vedika aunty haven’t taken any decision yet. Nutan asks Brijesh not to do and says don’t know how Sonam will behave. Ananya asks if I shall come with you. Saavi nods her head and Ananya goes with her.

Dimpy is having headache and asks Himesh to do something. She says it seems music is played for my death. She says I couldn’t stop Nityam Dalmia’s marriage with his perfect partner, I couldn’t snatch his happiness from him. Himesh says you turn your defeat into your victory and reminds her what she had done with Nityam before. Dimpy says I will not sit here idle, and will welcome the bride. She says I know how to turn defeat into victory, and says happiness can never come in Nityam’s life. Sonam tells Ratna that it seems baraat came and they shall see. Ratna says bride shall not see. Sonam says she has cancelled all the inauspicious things. She sees the crackers bursting in air and dances with Ratna. Saavi thinks the right thing shall happen. Ananya asks Saavi if Sonam loves someone else. She says I always felt, as she used to talk to him for hours, and used to go out and meet him secretly. She says I know that not just kundali, but this reason too, that you want her to marry the love of his life. Saavi gives her swear asking her not to tell anyone about Sonam’s love. She says everyone doesn’t get true love. Ananya says she will not tell anyone. Vedika comes there and sees Saavi and Ananya hugging each other. She comes to Saavi and says I want to talk to you. Sonam and Ratna are dancing, Sonam says nobody can stop me from becoming Sonam Nityam dalmia.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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