Saavi Ki Savaari 8th October 2022 Written Episode Update

Saavi Ki Savaari 8th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Thasu helps Nityam to get ready as groom. Dadi tells Nityam that before marriage a ritual happens in between groom and groom’s mother. She says that groom has to fulfill the promise. Dada tells Nityam that groom has to fulfill the promise no matter what. Nityam says that a mother created this ritual for sure. Dadi says that she don’t have any ritual. He asks her that what she wants. She tells him that she want to take Sonam to her ladies club. He tells her that they are getting perfect daughter in law and he is getting perfect partner.

On the other hand, Saavi recalls that how Vedika talked about her and Nityam’s marriage. She also recalls Nutan’s words. Ananya gives bridal dress to Saavi.

Nutan goes to Sonam. She recalls Vedika’s words about marriage. Sonam asks her that how is she looking. Nutan asks her to not get shocked. She tells her that Saavi’s horoscope matched with Nityam’s horoscope. Sonam and Ratna gets shocked hearing her. Sonam tells Ratna that she feel like it’s her dream. Nutan tells her that it’s not her dream. She says that Sonam’s marriage can’t happen with Nityam. Sonam tells her that the latter is lying. She pleads her to do something. Nutan tells her that Nityam’s marriage going to happen with Saavi.

Dada and Dadi wonders that where is Vedika. Thasu tells Nityam that Vedika waiting for him. Nutan tells Sonam that Saavi will become Nityam’s bride. She asks Ratna to handle Sonam. She says that she has to go to Saavi and leaves from there. Sonam screams and cries hugging Ratna.

Vedika waits for Nityam. Nityam comes there. She tells him that if groom don’t fulfill the promise then his mother commits suicide. He asks her to not talk like that. He tells her that he never went against her. She tells him that she is going to ask something big from him. She tells him that she took this decision for his life. He asks her that she is talking about which decision. She tells him that he can’t refuse. She says that he has to marry Saavi. He gets shocked hearing her.

Brijesh tells Saavi that she saved their reputation by agreeing to marry Nityam. He wonders that how they will handle themselves after her marriage. Saavi asks him that what about her responsibilities towards her family. She says that she learned to drive auto for her family. She says that she won’t leave them. He tells her that how marriage ties two people. She tells him that Nityam don’t even talk to her because of few misunderstandings. He says that misunderstandings will be cleared. He asks her to accept her future.

Vedika tells Nityam that she took this decision after talking to Maha Pandit ji. Nityam tells her that he is going to cancel the marriage because he can’t marry Saavi. She tells him that she gave her words to Nutan. She asks him that if he want to prove her as liar. He tells her that he won’t marry Saavi no matter what.

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