Sanjog 19th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Amrita tries telling Rajeev about Chanda

Sanjog 19th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rajeev asks Amrita where did she go? Amrita says I will answer you later on, Rajeev angrily leaves. Amrita hugs Tara.

Gopal hugs Gauri and his kids in the mandir. He hugs Chanda and says no one can snatch Chanda from me. Gauri is angry and says you only care for her, I waited for you for 7 years so you have to fulfill my dream now. Gopal says I don’t run away from the truth so I will surrender to the police. Gauri asks if he has gone crazy? His mother says we left everything for you and you are saying this? Gopal says the police won’t spare my kids if I don’t surrender. Chanda says nothing will happen to us Bappu. Gopal hugs her and says I won’t let anything happen to you that’s why I have to leave. Gauri says you are not going anywhere. Gopal leaves from there. Gauri runs behind him. Gopal calls the police and gives them a tip. Gauri stops him and says you can’t do this. Gopal says I am doing this for you and my kids, for Chanda. Gauri says she is my daughter too but I can’t let you go because of her. Chanda comes there and hears all that.

Amrita is praying in the mandir and cries. She says why did you let me find out that Tara is not my daughter and that my daughter is with some thieves? She says how can I not accept Tara as my daughter, she has been my daughter for 7 years but I was away from my real daughter for 7 years.

Gopal puts all family members in a truck. He starts driving. He makes Chanda sits on the driving seat and asks her to enjoy the ride. Gauri says you are doing a mistake. Gopal says I can’t put Chanda’s life in danger. Gauri says you only see Chanda? She tries to steer the truck away but the police van starts following them. Alok is in the van and asks the officer to keep following them. Gauri tells Gopal to not do this, everything will be finished. Gopal says I have to do it.

Amrita hugs Tara and prays for Chanda’s safety.

Rajini tells Rajeev that Amrita is insulting you a lot these days. Maasa says since Tara was born, Amrita has been behaving like she is the queen. Rajeev says this is happening because of Tara, I was silent before but I should have put Amrita in place when she insulted you 7 years ago. I couldn’t stop Amrita because of Tara, because of my love for my daughter. Rajini says you always cared for Amrita. Rajeev says you people wanted an heir so I took care of her. I loved Amrita that’s why I married her but my love for her faded away. Then I got Tara and my love for her is different, her tears give me pain. I can give my life for her but Amrita is taking advantage of that. I can throw Amrita out of the house and divorce her but then she will take away my Tara which I can’t bear. I am keeping Amrita with me only because of my daughter Tara. He cries and mistakenly cut his hand with a show-piece.

Amrita looks at Chanda’s necklace and cries.

Alok is following Gopal’s truck when he suddenly takes a turn and drives off the cliff. Alok comes out of the car and sees the truck falling from the cliff and a blast engulfing truck in fire. Alok is shocked and shouts Chanda!! Alok says what will I tell Amrita now? She couldn’t get husband’s love or her real daughter.

Amrita is worried about Chanda’s safety and recalls Tara’s words that she might leave her. She makes Tara sleep and thinks if she should tell Rajeev about the truth? He is her father and he has a right to know the truth. I will do my duty as a wife and as a mother.

Amrita comes to Rajeev and says I am ready to tell you everything. Maasa is there too. Rajeev asks her to go on. Amrita says when Tara was born, another baby was born at the same time in the hospital and her name was Chanda. Chanda has a birthmark like a moon, Alok told me about her. When my daughter was born, Alok was the first one to see her. He tried telling me the truth before but I stopped him. Maasa asks her to clarify what she wants to say. Rajeev says I just want to know where were you? Amrita says I went to find that girl Chanda after 7 years. I will tell you something now and you have to believe me. That night, the babies were swapped and we got Tara instead of Chanda. Rajeev is shocked and says you are trying to say that Tara is not my real daughter? Don’t you ever think I will believe this rubbish, Tara is my daughter, my life and will always be. He angrily looks away. Maasa says you should be ashamed of making up a lie like this. Rajini says you are using your daughter to not tell us about your whereabouts? Amrita says enough, I am not lying. I am telling the truth. She tells Rajeev that our real daughter is Chanda who was brought up in a small village, surrounded by thieves. Tara is our daughter but she is not our real blood. Rajeev stops her and says the truth is that Tara is my daughter and will always be. Another truth is that you are with me till now because of Tara only otherwise I would have divorced you by now. Amrita is shocked hearing that.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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