Sanjog 1st October 2022 Written Episode Update: Amrita saves Chanda from Gauri’s beating

Sanjog 1st October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Amrita tells Rajini that I know what I have to do for Tara so don’t tell me. She rushes to Gauri who is beating Chanda, she stops her and says how dare you to raise hands on a small kid. Maasa sees that and says she is worried about some other girl more than her daughter, there is something fishy. Rajini says I will find out. Gauri tells Amrita that she should be punished. Amrita grabs her hand and says I won’t spare you if you raise your hands on her ever again, she said she didn’t do it so don’t you ever beat her again. Chanda hides behind Amrita and cries. Gauri glares at her and says she is my daughter, I can do anything with her so who are you? She is my blood and I have a right to her. She tries to grab Chanda but Amrita says you can’t beat her, I will call the police if you touch her. Gauri says let me handle my daughter. Amrita sees Chanda crying and consoles her, she hugs her and says don’t be scared, you are brave. Maasa comes there and shouts at Amrita to go and check on Tara, and leave this drama. Amrita sadly looks at Chanda and leaves from there.

Amrita comes to Tara and sees Rajeev checking her fever, she asks what happened? Rajeev says she has a high fever. Tara says why did you leave me? Amrita says I am here, don’t be scared. Amrita says how come she has a high fever? Rajeev says you left her alone, how can you be this careless? Amrita asks Tara if she wants to eat anything? Tara says no. Amrita says I will make noodles for her.

Gauri thinks she has to find a way to stay in the house for more time. She hears Maasa telling Rajini that our servant so we have to find a replacement. Gauri enters the room and says I can do all the work. Rajini says you will leave after Navratri so get lost. She throws her out of the room.

Amrita is cooking in the kitchen when Chanda comes there and says my foot got hurt as I was trying to save Tara. Amrita checks her foot and goes to bring medicines for her. Amrita applies cream on her wound.

Rajeev tells Tara that Mama is coming with noodles so don’t sleep.

Amrita makes noodles for Tara, Rajini comes there and says I will take it. She leaves from there. Amrita tends to Chanda’s wound, she cries in pain but Amrita consoles her.

Rajini brings noodles for Tara and tells Rajeev that Amrita was busy with that cheap girl so I brought these. Tara says I want mama. Rajeev tries to make her eat but she keeps asking for Amrita.

Amrita asks Chanda how did you get hurt? Chanda says I was saving Tara and I promise I didn’t give supari to Tara. Amrita hugs her and says it’s okay. Rajeev comes there and says what about Tara? She kept waiting for you and slept hungry but you are worried about this random girl? What kind of a mother are you? Don’t you have any self-respect? Amrita says Chanda didn’t give pan masala to Tara. Rajeev says I won’t spare you if I see you with this girl again. Rajeev leaves. Amrita says I will find out who gave pan masala to Tara.

Amrita comes to Tara, Rajini says she slept hungry. Amrita takes the noodles and asks Tara to wake up. Rajeev comes there and says she won’t eat now, I tried too. Rajini says don’t show love as she slept after calling out to you. Amrita says I know her as a mother. Amrita says who is my cutie pie? Tara wakes up and says me. Amrita says I will take the noodles away, Tara wakes up and says I will eat it. Amrita tells Tara that you have to teach Chandini how to eat noodles so show me first? Tara says let’s go to Chandini so I will show her by eating these. Amrita asks Rajeev if she can take her downstairs? Rajeev smiles and nods, he thinks I am letting Amrita go to Chandini because of Tara only.

Gauri meets Gopal outside the house. He asks where is Chanda? Gauri says listen to me first. Gopal says I want to meet Chanda first. He enters the house. Gauri is worried that anyone might see him. Gopal sees Chandini and Tara eating noodles together. He smiles at Chanda laughing with Tara. He leaves from there. Gauri goes behind him. Rajeev smiles seeing Tara happy.

Gopal tells Gauri that Chanda is happy here. Gauri says Chanda is spoiling our plan, I am trying to settle in the house but Chanda gave pan masala to that girl, she is a bad omen. Gopal says don’t call her that. What will we do now? Gauri says I saw a lot of the gold in the house, let’s just steal tonight and leave.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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