Sanjog 20th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Amrita gets to know about Chanda’s death

Sanjog 20th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rajeev tells Amrita that I would have divorced you years ago but I kept you around because of Tara only, she is my daughter only. Rajeev starts coughing due to stress. Amrita thinks he becomes like this just by hearing about Tara going away from him. Maasa shouts at Amrita that the truth is I was saved 3 times because of Tara in the last 7 years. Do you remember how once Tara fell down in my room so I went to pick her up and suddenly the chandelier fell where I was sitting? Then once I was in the garden and a snake was about to bite me but Tara threw a toy at it and it left. Maasa says Tara is my granddaughter, she is my charm and she will stay here till I am alive. Amrita says I am not asking you to throw Tara out of the house, I just want to tell you about my real daughter. Alok comes there so Amrita asks if he has brought Chanda with him? Alok says Chanda is not with me, she is gone forever. Chanda had an accident and she… Amrita is shocked and says this can’t be true. Alok says I saw the accident with my own eyes. Amrita falls down and cries. Rajeev and Maasa look on. Tara comes there and asks why are you crying mama? Rajeev says you should rest, Tara says I want water. Rajeev takes her from there. Alok consoles Amrita as all family members leave. Alok tells Amrita that maybe Mata Rani wanted this for you, Chanda was raised by the wrong people and even if you had brought her here, Maasa and Rajeev would have never accepted her. Amrita says I am sure my daughter is alive, I will go and search for her. Alok says there was a blast and they all burned. Amrita says she is a moon, she is alive for sure.

Gopal and his family is alive. Gopal changes his get up as a good man, Gauri becomes a normal housewife and says it was such a good trick. Gopal says I am Gaurav from now on, you are Minakshi, my mother is Shanti, my two kids will be Heera and Panna. He looks at Chanda and says your name will change a little, you are Chandini from now on. Gauri says these are our names from now. Gopal says we have fooled the police for now. The flashback shows how Gauri had put a knife on Chanda and told Gopal that if he tried to surrender then she would kill Chanda. Gopal asked them all to leave the truck and hide. They all hide in the bushes before Alok could see. Gopal drove the truck near the cliff and jumped out just in time. Alok thought they all died. The flashback ends.

Gopal tells the family that we will start are new life from now on. Gauri says but our jobs remain the same as thieves. Gopal says no, we have to be careful as the police haven’t found out deadbodies so we have to keep low for the next 6 months. We have to find a place where police would never search. Gauri says I have an idea. She looks at Amrita’s photo and says this is a good idea. Chanda mistakenly breaks Mirror. Gauri says she is a bad omen. Chanda hides a mirror piece in her hand.

Rajini comes to Rajeev and says I brought coffee for you, I know you must be stressed. He thanks her. Rajini massages his head and says everything was good but Amrita has started bossing around so much, she lies a lot these days, she wants to torture you by saying that Tara is not your daughter. Rajini says she played with your emotions but I will teach her a lesson. Rajeev is angry with Amrita.

Amrita is sitting alone and cries. She thinks I am sure my daughter is alive and well. Tara comes there and wipes her tears. She asks why are you crying? Amrita says something fell in my eyes. Tara asks if Rajeev scolded her? Amrita says no. Tara says I am with you and you are with me so don’t cry. Tara asks her to smile. Amrita hugs her and cries. She says let’s go to sleep. Tara asks if she can sleep with her? Amrita nods.

Amrita and Tara are in the bed. Rajeev comes there and lies on the otherside. Amrita says I can understand your anger, Tara was not well and I was not around so I am sorry for that. I care about Tara but I can’t ignore our daughter Chanda. Rajeev says enough, he drags her from there and says if you ever take Chanda’s name or say Tara is not our daughter then I will do something which you can’t even imagine. Amrita looks on.

In the morning, Maasa is preparing food in the kitchen. Amrita comes there and asks if they are preparing for some function? Rajini says we will distribute this food in beggars for Chanda’s last prayers. Amrita is shocked hearing that.
The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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