Sanjog 21st September 2022 Written Episode Update: Amrita meets Chanda for the first time

Sanjog 21st September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rajini shows the food to Amrita and says we will distribute to beggars for Chanda’s soul as she died. Amrita tastes the food and says you should distribute food for your wellbeing. Rajini glares at her. Maasa asks Amrita to not create any scene, we have functions coming up. Amrita thinks everything will be okay with my Chanda too.

Gauri and Gopal are in the market. Gauri shows Amrita’s photo and says let’s find her. Gopal says let’s search for food first. They hear announcers saying that they have free food at the palace. Chanda says let’s go there, we are hungry. Gauri says let’s go. They all sit in the truck to get food.

Tara comes to the kitchen and asks why they have cooked this much food? A servant says this is to pray for a girl who died.

The guards bring people to the palace. Gauri is stunned looking at the palace and tells Gopal that this is her dream palace. The announcer says we are distributing food for a girl’s soul who died. Amrita and Tara come outside the palace. Amrita is still praying for Chanda. Amrita starts distributing food among the beggars. Gopal asks a guard who is the owner of the palace? Amrita gives food to Gauri but doesn’t see her face, Gauri also doesn’t see her. Amrita leaves from there. Amrita looks at the newspaper and reads that they couldn’t find deadbodies so it seems like they are still alive. Amrita thanks Mata Rani.
Tara comes to a dog and plays with him but the dog barks at her. Tara tries to run but Chanda stops her and says if you run then he will bite you, she shouts at the dog to leave, the dog goes away. Tara says I am scared of it. Chanda says I am not even scared of lizards, scorpio and anything else. Tara asks if she will become her friend? Chanda says sure, I am Chandini. Tara shakes hands with her. Gauri sees them talking. Tara tells Chandini that I will show you my toys. Chandini says this is your house? I will ask my Amma first. Tara says she won’t say anything, just come with me. Amrita sees Tara taking Chandini inside, she tries to go behind them but bumps into a worker. Gauri sees her and recognizes her.

Tara brings Chanda in the house, Chanda is stunned seeing a big palace. Rajeev comes there and sees them. He asks Tara who is this? He makes her sanitize her hands. Tara gives it to chanda also. Tara says a dog was scaring me but she sent him away, she is my friend now. Amrita comes there. Rajeev shouts that a dog was barking at Tara, where were you? Tara tells Amrita that my friend saved me. Chanda turns to see Amrita. Tara says this is Chandini. Chanda is about to touch Maasa’s feet but she moves away and says she is smelling. Chandini touches Amrita’s feet. Amrita picks her up and hugs her. Rajeev and Maasa are angry. Rajeev says she might have germs so go and take bathe first. Amrita says how can you say that? She is a kid like our Tara, everyone is equal. She tells Rajeev that Tara made her first friend. Rajini says you should change the clothes, what’s the big deal? Amrita says fine, she goes to change. Maasa asks Rajini to throw the girl out. Tara stops her and says Chandini won’t go, she is my friend. Rajini starts pushing Chandini out of the house but Tara cries so Rajeev stops Rajini and says let the girl stay for Tara. Tara hugs and thanks him.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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