Sanjog 22nd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Amrita talks about never cheating on Rajeev

Sanjog 22nd September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tara and Chandini come to Amrita. Chandini cries and says you got scolded because of me, I am really sorry. Amrita says don’t cry, you are like my Tara for me. She is wearing Chanda’s necklace but Chanda doesn’t see that. Amrita hugs her to console her.

Gopal comes to Gauri and asks what happened? Gauri says Chanda went inside the palace and soon we will too. Gopal sees Alok coming there, he tells Gauri that his sister loves here, he is an inspector so we have to be careful. He tells her about the family, Gauri says if he sees all together then he will piece everything together. Gopal says I have an idea, I will go away with Panna, Heera and Shanti. You can stay here with Chanda, this is a chance for us. Just take care of Chanda.

Rajini comes to Alok and says we are distributing food for Chanda’s soul. Alok says I have come here for Amrita, how is she? Maasa says she keeps doing drama every day. Rajeev says a dog attacked Tara but Amrita was not there to take care of her. I wouldn’t bear her carelessness when it comes to my daughter. Alok says you have done some careless acts so don’t forget that, he goes to meet Amrita. Rajeev glares at him.

Alok comes to Amrita, he thinks why is she happy? Amrita shows the newpaper to him and says I am sure my Chanda is alive. She says I met a kid today and I felt like I am related to her, she is so sensitve and wins over people easily. Rajini comes there and asks her to come for the food. Alok leaves from there.

Tara brings Chanda to her room, Chanda is surprised seeing all the toys and a big room. Tara hugs her bears and gives her some chocolates. Chanda doesn’t like it and says I have never eaten it before. Tara laughs at her and says I will make you eat so many things. Chanda asks why did you become my friend? Tara says you are brave, if other kids bully me then I will take your help. Chanda asks what is bullying? Tara pushes her away and says this is called bullying. Chanda gets up and asks her to push her again. Tara recalls how others used to bully her. She says you are the best, just stay with me here. Chanda says let’s go and meet my Amma.

Alok is leaving the house so Gauri hides from him. Alok sees Gopal and calls him. Gopal covers his face with a cloth. Alok finds his officer and leaves from there before seeing Gopal. Gauri is trying to enter the palace but the guard doesn’t allow her.

Rajeev comes to Amrita and says you are careless, where were you when Tara was attacked by a dog? Amrita thinks I can’t tell him about the newspaper. He won’t believe me. Rajini asks where are you lost these days? Are you having an affair? Amrita says how can you say that? I can never cheat on Rajeev. Rajeev recalls his affair with Lakshita. Amrita tells Rajini that I might have differences with Rajeev but we would never allow such allegations against each other. Tara comes there and says Chandini wants to go to her mom. Amrita goes with them. Rajeev looks on, he recalls Amrita’s words about cheating. He recalls about his affair with Lakshia. He stares at her photo in his phone.

Gopal and Shanti are hiding from the police outside the house. Gauri asks him to leave. Gopal leaves with Shanti, Panna and Heera.
Chanda comes to Gauri. Gauri is stunned to see Amrita and Tara with her.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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