Sanjog 25th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Gauri tries to kidnap Tara and Chanda

Sanjog 25th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Gauri is running in the jungle. Amrita says I know where she must have gone. She goes behind her while Alok arrests Gopal and the family. Amrita is running behind Gauri. Gauri hijacks a bike and runs away. Amrita follows her in a rickshaw. Gauri arrives at Rajeev’s house and hides seeing him leaving the house. Amrita comes there and hides from Rajeev as well. Rajeev drives away. Gauri enters the house. Amrita runs behind her but Gauri grabs her and says you can’t stop me. She ties her hands and legs, she says now you can’t do anything. I will take Chanda away from here and you can’t do anything. Gauri enters the house and hides from Maasa and Anjali. She comes to Tara’s room and finds her playing with Chanda. She thinks Tara is more valuable, I can leave Chanda here but Tara is coming with me. Gauri says I saw a mela, we can go there and enjoy. Tara and Chanda get excited. She thinks Tara will help me free Gopal and the family. I will use Chanda to get money from Amrita. Otherside Amrita frees herself and enters the house. Gauri ties Tara to her back and asks Chanda to come with her. They all leave. Amrita comes to her and breaks a vase. Maasa and Anjali come to her room. Amrita hides. Maasa says who broke the vase? Amrita runs from there before the could see her. Amrita sees Gauri leaving the house with Tara and Chanda. Amrita says I have to stop her. Gauri starts leaving from the back door, Amrita follows them. Chanda gets lost and doesn’t follow Gauri. Amrita comes to Chanda and takes her back home. She goes to find Gauri and Tara. Gauri sits in the rickshaw but Chanda is not with her. She goes back to look for Chanda. Amrita attacks her but Gauri beats her too. Amrita pushes her away and says how dare you touch my daughters? Gauri takes out her dagger and attacks Amrita but she stops her and says I won’t let you hurt my kids. Amrita ties Gauri and asks where is Tara? Gauri says I won’t tell you. Amrita shows her the dagger and says I will kill you so tell me where is Tara? Gauri says she is in the rickshaw. Amrita runs to Tara and saves her. She says we will go to mela some other day, you won’t come out of the house till I tell you.

Amrita brings Tara back home and leaves. Tara tells Chanda that we can’t leave the house. Anjali hears that.

Amrita calls Alok and says I have captured Gauri so come here and arrest her. Amrita tells Gauri that you will be punished for your deeds now. Alok arrives there with the police. He asks Amrita if she is okay? She nods. Alok says I am proud of you, a mother can do anything for her kids. Amrita says my kids are with me and I want them to be happy now. Alok smiles at her.

Alok brings Gauri to the police station. She shouts at Amrita that I wouldn’t remain silent.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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