Sanjog 29th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Amrita plans to keep Chanda in her house

Sanjog 29th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Maasa says Gauri and Chandini will sleep on the floor in the kitchen. Amrita says at least we can give them mattresses, Rajeev says okay. Maasa asks Gauri to go and help Amrita. Rajini smirks.

Amrita and Gauri come to the store and sees all mattresses wet. She says how did this happen? Rajini comes there and recalls how she had thrown water on these. She tells Amrita that there was rain so they got wet, these people are used to sleeping on the floor so don’t worry.

Gauri and Chanda sleep on the floor on wet mattresses. Amrita smiles at Chanda and leaves.

Amrita comes to the bedroom. Rajeev and Tara are there. Rajeev is looking at Lakshita’s photos. Amrita says Lakshita hasn’t come till now so I think we can let them sleep in the guest room for tonight. Rajeev says you should call Lakshita and ask her. Amrita calls her but she doesn’t pick up. Rajeev says she might in a flight. Amrita goes and lies on the floor. Rajeev asks what happened? Amrita says I have some back pain that’s why, he nods.

Amrita comes to the kitchen and sees Gauri-Chanda sleeping on the floor. She hugs Chanda so she wakes up. Chanda sees her wearing her necklace and says this is mine? Amrita hugs her and says my kid.. Chanda says I will tell Maa that I found it. Amrita thinks Gauri can’t know this otherwise she will know I know about them. Amrita tells Chanda that you found this necklace because of Mata Rani’s blessings to just hide and don’t tell anyone about it. Chanda nods. Amrita is leaving but finds Gauri clutching a knife while sleeping.

Amrita thinks about Gauri and her family. She says if I tell the family that they are from a gang then the family will separate me from my Chanda. I am sure Chanda won’t tell anything to Gauri about the necklace, I will keep my daughter with me from now on.

Scene 2
In the morning, Gauri and Chanda are in the mandir. She tries to steal some jewelry but Rajini comes there so she stops. Rajini asks Gauri and Chanda to leave for sometime. We have some work. Gauri starts leaving but she sees some workers bringing huge boxes of gold there. Gauri is shocked and thinks I have never seen this much gold in my life. All family members do pooja together and put all the gold in the mandir.

Amrita tells Rajeev that you were right about keeping Tara in the school, can you please get her admitted to a good school? He says okay I will try.

Amrita comes to the mandir and says if Tara goes to school then she will go with Chanda only.

Gauri comes to the kitchen and starts cleaning it. Amrita comes there and sees that.

Gopal comes to Rajeev’s house as a worker. Gauri sees him and hugs him. He asks about Chanda, Gauri says she left with Tara to play. Gopal gives her some thing and leaves. Gopal comes out of the house and finds Chanda coming there in a car with Tara. Tara goes in the house. Amrita comes out and sees Gopal and Chanda looking at each other. She thinks he might be from their family only.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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