Sanjog 30th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Chanda gets accused of hurting Tara

Sanjog 30th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Amrita sees Gopal with Chanda. She calls out to her so Gopal leaves without talking to her. Amrita asks Chandini who was this man? Don’t talk to strangers. She brings it back in the house and thinks if I should tell Rajeev about this? I will keep an eye on that Minakshi/Gauri.

The servant tells Gauri that you can find work in some house here. Gauri says you keep working so I have made juice for you. She has spiked the juice.

Amrita comes to Chanda and asks if she ever went to the school. Chanda says no. Amrita thinks I have to ready her for school. Tara pushes her away and says she doesn’t know anything. Amrita says don’t do that. Tara says nothing happens to her and she doesn’t take revenge on me. Rajeev comes there and says I have found a new school for you. Tara says I won’t go to school without Chandini, she takes care of me so I won’t go without her. She leaves. Amrita says we can think about it, if we send Chandini with her then Tara will focus on her studies more and Chandini will become educated too. It’s good for them both. Rajeev thinks and nods, he says I will do it. He leaves. Amrita says I have to prepare Chandini for school now.

Tara brings Chandini to the gym and shows the machines around. Tara starts running on a treadmill but Chandini mistakenly turns is on fast, she can’t stop it and Tara falls down from it. Rajini comes there and sees that. She calls everyone there. Rajini says Chandini threw her. Chandini says I didn’t do it deliberately. Rajeev calls a doctor for Tara.

Scene 2
The doctor checks Tara and says it’s good she didn’t have any head injury. He checks her mouth and says she has pan masala in her mouth. All are shocked. The doctor says she eats pan masala at this age? Rajini says she doesn’t even know about it. Maasa says no one eats this in our house then how come Tara.. Rajini sees Gauri and asks her to open her mouth. Gauri is scared but opens her mouth, she has pan masala in it. Rajini says so she eats it. The doctor confirms it. Maasa says this happens when you keep these kind of people in the house. The doctor leaves.

Amrita stops Gauri and says you should be ashamed, why did you give pan masala to my daughter? Gauri says no no.. I wouldn’t give it to her at all. Rajini says then this Chandini must have given it to Tara. She shouts at Chandini that she will turn Tara into a roadside person. Amrita says she is a small kid so don’t blame her. Rajini says you are taking her side against Tara? She tells Rajeev that we should throw them out. Rajeev says they will leave this house as soon as Navratri ends.

Gauri scolds Chanda and says why did you give pan masala to Tara? Chanda says I didn’t give it to her.

Rajeev hugs Tara and says I love you a lot. He leaves from there. Amrita sits with Tara and says I will take care of you. She says Chanda wasn’t lying, she didn’t give it to Tara but then who did? She hears Chanda crying and goes to check. Rajini stops her and says her mother is beating her so let it be. Amrita says that’s not right. Maasa says they are cheap people so let them be. Amrita says no one will beat Chandini. Rajini says you are Tara’s mother but you care about a cheap girl more. Amrita says enough, I take care of my daughter.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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