Sanjog 3rd October 2022 Written Episode Update: Amrita proves Chanda was innocent

Sanjog 3rd October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rajeev is in his room and is selecting shirts that Lakshita liked. He says she didn’t come till now, is she okay? Amrita comes there and asks if he is going somewhere? Rajeev says I am going to Delhi for a meeting, he leaves.

Gauri and Chanda are in the mandir. Amrita comes there and tells Gauri that Chanda doesn’t eat pan masala but you do so tell me the truth? Gauri says I promise I didn’t give pan masala to Tara. Amrita takes her pan masala packet and leaves.

Amrita thinks if it was not Gauri and Chanda then who would give pan masala to Tara? I can’t doubt Rajini without any proof. Tara comes there and shows her drawing. Amrita likes it and thinks she can find some clue. She asks Tara if she ate something that day? Tara says Chandini gave me chocolates that day.

Amrita comes to Chandini and shows her sweets and some chocolates. Chandini says I like sweets. Amrita hugs her and asks if she gave chocolates to Tara? Chanda says Rajini didi gave it to me so I gave it to Tara. She asked me to do so. Amrita thinks I was right, Rajini has stooped so low.

Amrita comes to the kitchen and opens a pan masala packet, it flies around and gets stuck in her dress. She gets an idea. She sees Rajini taking her clothes to the laundry but she takes it and says I will wash them. Rajini is confused.

Amrita checks Rajini’s clothes and finds pan masala residue on one dress. She is shocked and thinks I was right.

Amrita comes to Rajini and says you are a mother but you forget that sometimes. Do you like giving pan masala to kids? Rajini is shocked. Amrita shows the pan masala packet to her and shouts to not lie. How dare you give pan masala to my daughter? Rajini says Chandini gave it. Amrita says don’t lie, you gave the chocolate to her right? Rajini tries to leave but Amrita grabs her and says I told you I won’t spare you if it’s about my daughter. She says I will forcefully make you eat pan masala today.. Rajini is scared so Amrita leaves her. Amrita says I am not like you so I can’t stoop to your level. Don’t ever come near my baby again. Maasa come there and asks what happened? Rajini cries and says she is lying that I gave pan masala to Tara. Amrita shows her clothes which has pan masala residue. She says I have a proof, I should send this photo to Rajeev also. Maasa shouts at Rajini and says how dare you hurt my grand-daughter? Just get lost from my house. Amrita says I don’t want that, I want her to apologize to Chandini. Rajini says I would leave the house but won’t apologize to that cheapster. Maasa says you will apologize to that girl. Maasa asks Amrita to not tell Rajeev anything. I don’t want him to hate his only sister. She shouts at Rajini to apolgize to Chandini.

Rajini comes to Chandini and apologizes. Amrita asks her to elaborate. Rajini says I framed you as you didn’t give pan masala to Tara, she leaves from there. Amrita smiles and thinks I was sure my daughter can never do that.

Rajin is in her room and she is scared. She thinks I won’t spare Amrita. She is crazy for that cheap girl Chandini.

Amrita thanks Lord. Chanda thanks her, Amrita hugs her and thinks I will do anything for my daughters.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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