Sanjog 5th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Rajeev traps Amrita to get divorce

Sanjog 5th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rajini tells Rajeev to give her money and throw her out, we can’t let this cheap beggar here. Maasa says this Gauri is cheap and can be a bad influence on Tara. Amrita tells Rajeev that she saved Tara’s life and Chandini has become Tara’s friend. Maasa says don’t let them stay here, they can be dangerous. Gauri says it’s okay, I just wanted my baby to have a better life. Maasa asks Rajeev to give her the cheque but Rajeev takes Amrita from there.

Amrita tells Rajeev that Chandini has become Tara’s friend and Tara has been so happy around her. If we send Chandini to school with Tara then she will feel safe. Also we can make Chandini’s future. Rajeev says you are acting like a mother for some other girl but what about Tara? she is being ignored. Amrita says it’s not like that, I am not ignoring Tara. Rajeev says you didn’t even know Tara left the house, what if something had happened to Tara? He shouts that you keep doing mistakes. Amrita says I promise this won’t happen agian. She writes on a paper but Rajeev makes her sign on stamp papers, he asks her to write that your husband will allow Minakshi (Gauri) and Chandini to stay in the house for 6 months but if any incident happens with Tara or she is being neglected then Amrita will be responsible for that. He asks her to write that she will divorce her husband if she fails to take care of Tara and she will leave Tara and the house. Amrita writes it on the paper and says what joke is this? Rajeev says you are asking me to let 2 strangers stay in my house so that is a joke too. Rajeev is about to leave from there. Amrita cries and recalls her moments with Rajeev, how they were in love and got married. Then how they had perfect marriage but Rajeev talked about divorce 8 years ago also. Amrita stops him and asks why did you bring up divorce all of a sudden? Rajeev says I won’t let anything wrong happen with Tara, its a matter of her life now. Amrita says I am her mother, end this matter here, how can you ask me to leave my daughter? Rajeev says you are being blinded by that girl Chandini but I can’t let you play with my daughter’s life anymore. If you don’t sign the paper then I won’t let them stay in the house. Amrita stops him and says I will sign it. Rajeev says you have brought this upon yourself. Amrita writes all the conditions on the paper and signs it. Rajeev smirks and leaves from there. Amrita sadly looks at him.

Maasa and Rajini are waiting for Rajeev to come and announce his decision. They gets to know that Rajeev agreed with Amrita.

Rajeev arrives at a hotel. He enters a room and Lakshita is there. She smiles seeing him, they hug each other tightly. Rajeev says your work will be done fast.

Gauri comes to meet Gopal and says I got the permission to stay there for 6 months, nobody can throw us out of there now. Gopal dances with her and asks if anyone doubted her? Gauri says don’t worry, no one knows that Tara was attacked by my goons only. Gopal hugs her and says now our Chanda will become educated.

Tara asks Chandini to make her learn games and she will teach her about school. Maasa hears that and is angry. Rajini tells her that Rajeev was fooled by Amrita again.

Amrita is sitting sadly and says why did he talk about divorce now?

Rajeev and Lakshita are in bed. He says I did this for you, Amrita thinks you have been away for 7 years but no one knows that we have been meeting secretly all this time. Lakshi says when will you become mine? Rajeev says I will wait for Amrita to do a mistake and then you will be in my life.

Amrita says Tara and Chanda are my daughters, they are my life so I won’t let them go away from me. I will love them equally and won’t let anyone complain about my love.
The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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