Sanjog 8th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Amrita convince Rajiv to let Rakshita stay with them

Sanjog 8th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rakshita enter Amritas room, she walks to her photo says this was not your place, after sometime you will be leaving from here, she looks at Rajiv clothes she hold them says this room and Rajiv will be mine and already Rajiv has set everything, I did my work Rajiv now you have to do yours.

Rakshita bring chocolate for Tara. Amrita ask her how do you know about Tara I never told you about her then how come you know from these two. Rakshita remember seeing Tara’s photo in Rajiv phone. Amrita says she looks like you, how she talk and walk clearly explains it’s your daughter. Amrita says she is my daughter Tara and the other girl us Chandani. Rajiv leave to change. Amrita says I’ll do my work and talk to you later and ask Tara to share chocolate with Chandani, she leaves. Chandani eat chocolate says you only have it I don’t like this I only like halwa, she give her back. Ranjini come in between and give chocolate back to Chandai and she says to Tara you are ment to give things and she is here to take, you can see she took your dress so remember not to take anything.

Amrita says to Rajiv I’ll go and meet Rakshita, she walks to Tara’s room see them playing together. Tara says Rakshita is teaching me new game. Amrita says you can go and play right now let me talk to my best friend. Tara says okay. Rakshita and Amrita leave.

Rakshita says your daughter is cute. Amrita ask where were you from last 7 years. Rakshita says forget that you will feel sad after listening your story. Amrita says tell me I’m your best friend. Rakshita says I was in Singapore jail and tell her story. Amrita get’s emotional says I’m sorry I was unable to help you. Rakshita says I lost everything in last 7 years now I only have a bestfriend but don’t worry I’ll leave soon. Amrita says you won’t go anywhere, you will here and start your new life. Rakshita says this is your in-laws house someone would have problem even Rajiv too. Amrita says when Rajiv will know about your situation he won’t let you leave and they hug eachother. Rakshita thinks now you will leave this house.

Rajiv says to Amrita, your Rakshita cannot live here. Amrita try to convince her and tell her story. Rajiv says I’m already letting Chandani and her mother stay here and if Rakshita stays here then what people will say, she is single and won’t you be feeling insecure. Amrita says I have faith in you and Rakshita. Rajiv thinks thankgod now she won’t doubt me and Rakshita. Rajiv says okay she can live here. Amrita get’s excited hug him and says I’ll do the arrengements for her room

Ranjini says to Maasa I’m always doing bed in this house am I daughter here or servant and the real servant is busy don’t know where. Maasa says don’t worry I feel like everyone should do there work so there is not much load on anyone, now see I’ll take my cup and keep in kitchen, she start walking and hurt her back. Ranjini says you sit I’ll do it, she bent down to puck but her back pain. Maasa ask her about the servant she hire. Ranjini says they have some work so didn’t came. Maasa says our house will be dirty during festival and looks at her. Ranjini says I won’t do anything don’t look at me.maasa see Gauri in corridor she calls her and ask her to do work. Meenakshi says but you said no. Maasa says but now I’m ask you to do work so will you do. She says yes if you asked me to do then consider it’s done. Rajini ask her to make tea and take dirty utensils. Meenakshi take it and thinks now this house will come in my hand and she leaves for kitchen.

Meenakshi in corridor standing outside a room says gold in behind this door, soon I’ll clean this too.

Amrita in kitchen. Meenakshi walks to her says don’t do anything I’ll handle, Maasa ask me to do. Amrita get’s happy thinks finally they will make place in this house. Amrita says I’ll help you, you have a lot of work. Meenakshi thanks her for what she did and tells her you twisted my hand for Chandani it was you so I remain silent or else I would have twisted his neck and please don’t come between me and my daughter and one more thing you are very kind hearted and everyone in this house don’t deserve you and don’t try to get attached to my daughter like mother because we are poor we don’t have fix place to live, we could be gone in next 6 months. Amrita thinks I can’t tell Meenakshi truth and says to her Chandani wont go anywhere she will live here, I have to teach her so many things. Meenakshi says this won’t happen we are poor, Tara live in her room on a soft bed and Chandani sleep in floor in heat there is difference between them.

Rakshita says to Rajiv on call why did give me room so far. Rajiv says this is first day, don’t worry I’ll fix something, let things get normal. Rakshita says I’m not here to live as guest call me soon and give her kisses, she turn and see Amrita standing on door. Rakshita ask her since when are you standing here. Amrita says I just came to give you water but what happen to you, why are you scared. Rakshita says this is my anxiety. Amrita says don’t worry I’ll take care of it from next time and consider this as your home so no need to worry and she leaves.

Amrita walking in corridor say’s Meenakshi was right Chandani is still sleeping on floor in kitchen but from now on she will also sleep in bed. Amrita walks to Chandani says aren’t you slept yet, she looks at her hand says so many mosquito bite you. Chandani says my mom says my blood is sweet that’s why they bite me but I don’t even eat chocolate. Amrita says where is the machine I installed here. Meenakshi says Ranjini took that with her. Amrita says she already have but why she took. Meenakshi says but she want to trouble us, how much you will fight for us, forget it she will get things according to her luck. Amrita says her luck brought Chandani here in this house from now on Chandani will not sleep in kitchen, she will sleep with Tara in her room. Chandani gets happy and excited.



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