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Sasural Simar Ka 2 15th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Badimaa asking all her family members to checks all the doors and windows and says this sacred thread shall be tied to all doors and windows. Sandhya says ok Badimaa. Badimaa asks Gajendra if everyone understood the seriousness of her words. Gajendra asks her not to worry. Badimaa says don’t know how trouble will come in which disguise. Indu comes there and calls Badimaa. She gets inside. Badimaa asks if everything is fine. Indu says yes, and tells that Gagan called and said that he needs Nanny. Badimaa asks what you are taking about. Indu says I searched and got it. She calls Jenny and Mayakshi enters there. Indu says Gagan said that he wants Nanny to keep a watch on Geet for 24 hours. Gagan says we are here for 2-3 days, but we want someone to take care of Geet, tells that he is scared after yesterday’s incident. Badimaa asks Jenny to take care of the baby and tells that she will not get leave till some days. Mayakshi says ok and tells that she will take care of the baby. She goes with Gagan. Kamakshi adds magical thing in the tea. Maharaj comes there and asks what is she doing? She says she is making tea. Maharaj ji asks why she didn’t get the thread tied to her hand. She says leave it, it is just a thread. Maharaj ji says she shall obey to Simar and asks her to forward her hand. Mayakshi is also there. Kamakshi is shocked. Maharaj ji tells Mayakshi that even she has not tied and asks her to forward her hand. Kamakshi forwards her hand and Maharaj ji ties the thread to her hand. Kamakshi recalls replacing the puja thread with magical evil thread. She asks Maharaj ji to go and give tea to everyone. Simar asks Maharaj ji to stop and says everything will be served after tulsi and gangajal is sprinkle on it. She takes tea for everyone.

Aarav tells that he has got all the office files home. Gajendra says it is good. Mayakshi thinks he looks good in any avatar. Aarav tells that the Oswal family are stressed and they need celebration. He says Simar and his anniversary date is coming, and that’s why he is thinking of celebration party. Kamakshi thinks they were waiting for such chance. Badimaa asks Aarav to see the circumstances at home and says this time is not right for party. Aarav says I want to repeat the promises and swears given to Simar. Badimaa says she is worried about everyone and says if we keep the party, then people will come then how we will keep eye on them. Gajendra says Maa is right. Giriraj says we will celebrate next year with a bang. Kamakshi says everyone has gone mad? Mayakshi says everyone’s sight is everywhere, and reminds that locket is with them. She says we can’t leave with locket and Aarav.

Simar comes to the room and asks Aarav to pick the important call. Aarav asks what is it? Simar says she is missing him. He says don’t disturb me and takes the book in his hand. Simar tells him that she has problem with him reading the upside down book. She says even I think that we shall not celebrate now, and says once this trouble ends, we will do as you want.

Mayakshi thinks where is that locket? Simar says for me, I need to keep you and the family safe. Aarav asks if we shall not celebrate. Simar says she can feel strange powers near them, as if someone is keeping eye on them. She hugs him. Aarav says ok and smiles. Just then Badimaa shouts calling Aarav and Simar, and asks who has ignited fire to our family photo. Simar and Aarav get shocked. Simar says this is not possible and asks for water. Vivaan throws water, but the photoframe catches more fire. Simar goes near the frame and tries to set off the fire with her hand. Aarav asks what are you doing, your hand will get burnt. Simar says she can’t let the frame burning. Badimaa says it is not precious than your hand, leave it. Vivaan asks her to leave it. Simar sets off the fire, and says photo frame was in your room, how did it come out? Kamakshi comes there and applies balm to Simar, asks if there is bhoot or pishach in your house. Reema panics and asks Simar to throw that locket out. Simar asks what is the guarantee that they will not do anything if we give the locket to them. She says that locket is powerful and shall not go in wrong hands. She says I have promised that nothing will happen to anyone. Vivaan takes Reema from there. Simar asks Aarav to take her to Sadhvi ji. Kamakshi tells Mayakshi that Simar went out, and tells that they shall get the locket. She says like Simar said, we shall work together. She makes the magical sherbet. Mayakshi clears that she is with them to get Aarav, but they are not united like family. She says last time you had killed Aarav to take revenge from damini, if she comes to know that Rudra is betraying her then she will not bear. Badimaa comes there.

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