Sasural Simar Ka 2 1st October 2022 Written Episode Update: Simar promises Badimaa to save Aarav

Sasural Simar Ka 2 1st October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Simar seeing Aarav unconscious after Kamakshi’s attack. Gajendra, Giriraj and others come there and get shocked too. Kamakshi attacks Rudra at other place and says you have lost again from that woman. She asks him to say. Mayakshi says Maa. Rudra says I didn’t do any mistake Maa, I had tried fully, but my powers couldn’t withstand infront of Simar’s powers. Kamakshi says you are kalang on son’s name, and today I will kill you. Mayakshi says she is your son and asks her to come in her senses. Kamakshi says my one attack brought Aarav down on his knees, and tells that very soon he will die, and then Simar’s powers will become half, as her life is in Aarav.

Simar looks at Aarav who is getting treatment at home. He is unconscious and critical. Doctor asks nurse how is he responding. Nurse says ok. Vivaan brings injections. Sandhya cries seeing his state. Chitra tries to pacify her. Aditi comes there and cries seeing him. Chaaya/Reema tries to pacify Vivaan. Simar says nothing will happen to my Aarav ji. Doctor says why don’t you shift him to the hospital, he is critical. Simar says he is not safe anywhere and says that Aarav ji will not go anywhere. Doctor says he needs blood. Simar and others offer their blood. Doctor says I understand your emotions, if anything happens to him. Simar says I have promised Badimaa, nothing will happen to him. Doctor asks them to go out so that the patient can take rest. Simar thinks where is Badimaa? Badimaa is holding the gun and recalls shooting her husband. She thinks she will give her life, but will not let anything happen to Aarav. She aims gun at her forehead. Simar comes there and takes away the gun, throws it and asks what you was doing? Badimaa says how to let my Aarav punished for my deeds, and says if the price is death then I will compensate for it. Simar asks her to tell what had happened that time. Badimaa cries and recalls meeting Sadhvi ji that her husband died because of her, she has done a big mistake. Sadhvi says law has freed you, but not your deeds.

Badimaa says I want some time so that my kids grow up and stand up on their feet. She says I will come to you and will surrender myself to you, so that I get punished. Sadhvi ji says if you don’t come, then you will be called. She says sin shall not be hidden, and tells that one day she has to pay for her doings. Back to present, Badimaa tells Simar that she had done a big mistake and had killed her Gopi ji with her hands. She says I forgot about my promise due to my kids and then grand kids. She says my karma has come to settle the scores with interest. She says I have to do, to save Aarav. Simar says nothing will happen to you or Aarav ji. She says I will save you both. Badimaa says I did a sin. Simar says it was a mistake, else the law wouldn’t have let you freed. She says today we will promise each other that we will not let anything happen to aarav ji and asks her to promise that she will not harm herself. Badimaa promises to protect the family with Simar and will not let any trouble come on Aarav. Jai Maa kali plays…

Simar promises unconscious Aarav that she will make him fine and will not accept defeat. She takes out Mata Rani’s locket and says you made me wear it for my protection, today I am making you wear it, my mata rani’s locket for your protection. She makes him wear it and comes out to the inhouse temple. She says today my sindoor will help me, protect my family. She takes sindoor from the plate and pours on the door. She comes to Sadhvi ji. Sadhvi ji asks why did you come here? Simar says you knows well, why I have come. Sadhvi says nobody can stop the person who is dying. Simar says my Aarav ji will be saved and will proved your fortune telling wrong. Sadhvi says nothing can compensate for this sin. Simar says it was a mistake and asks her to help them. Sadhvi ji refuses and says I will not go until you help me. Sadhvi says you betrayed death, but he can’t. Simar says Aarav ji will face his death and will defeat it. Sadhvi ji says you can’t make the impossible thingb possible. Simar says I will do it, even if I have to fight with you or with God.

Precap: Simar is dancing in the temple holding the trishul. Rudra is shown. Aarav takes heavy breath.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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