Sasural Simar Ka 2 20th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Simar identifies Chaaya in Reema’s body

Sasural Simar Ka 2 20th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya asking Reema what she was doing, and says who eats raw and uncooked food. Chaaya says Tai ji…I..Simar says this all happened due to Rudra, he didn’t give anything for you to eat, and you bear so much torture. Chaaya says it is not your mistake. Sandhya says sorry to her, and asks her to say what she wants to eat. Chaaya thinks this hunger is of many years. Simar says we will do anything for your happiness. She says go and freshen up, we have planned surprise for you. Later, Simar takes Reema/Chaaya to the decorated terrace and claps. Everyone shower flower petals on her. Chaaya asks what is it and gets happy. Simar says this is your first surprise and shows the other surprise, many food items. Simar says now the last surprise and asks her to close her eyes. Chaaya closes her eyes. Vivaan comes, bends down on his knees and says this bouquet is just for you, my love. Chaaya gets emotional and says I can’t express in words what this means to me, and says I am very lucky. Vivaan says not more lucky than me as I have you. Chaaya hugs him. Everyone claps. She thinks you have Chaaya.

Aditi says they shall dance. Vivaan asks Reema for dance. Chaaya says how can I dance? Aditi says what are you saying, and says you are our Guru in dance. Chaaya says first Aarav and Simar will dance and then we will dance. Simar says this is your welcome party di. Chaaya says I am here because of you both. Aarav says she has a point. Simar and Aarav dance. Chaaya and Vivaan dance now. Kavya and Reyansh also dance. Badimaa and Sandhya smile watching the dance. Aditi and Gagan dance too. Everyone dance together. Chitra comes there asking them to stop it. Everyone looks at her. Chitra tells Reema that she was very upset with her, as she has broken her son’s heart, but now. She says I never thought that I will forgive you, and tells that Vivaan is happy and I can do anything for his happiness, can even forgive you. She says my Vivaan’s happiness is with his Reema, and asks them to be happy always. They touch her feet. Chitra goes to Simar and says whoever has sister like you, can’t be in danger and thanks her for bringing Reema back. Simar hugs her. Chitra blesses Simar and Aarav. She goes to Badimaa. Badimaa is happy seeing Chitra accepting Reema. Simar and Aarav are happy. Reyansh says what happened to Mom, someone pinch me. Kavya pinches him and asks if Chitra will accept her also. Reyansh looks on.

Chitra tells that she will send Vivaan and Reema for honeymoon. Reyansh wonders what happened to her. Badimaa asks Vivaan and Reema, where they want to go. Vivaan says he will not go alone with her this time, and can’t take risk, if she elopes again. Chaaya says I will never leave you and will stay with you forever. She hugs him.

Reyansh asks Chitra about her drama. Chitra says she is happy in Vivaan’s happiness. Reyansh asks if she is happy and sees bangle in her hand. Chitra recalls Mayakshi making her wear her bangle and says you will become my ear, eyes and voice too. She then scolds him for questioning her.

Chitra asks Chaaya to accept Reema’s body fully and make Vivaan hers fully. She asks if you are understanding my sign, Chaaya. Chaaya recalls Rudra coming to their room after their wedding and lifting her veil. He asks her to drink milk. She says it is for you. Rudra says everything we will share half. Chaaya says she is very lucky. Rudra says I am very lucky and makes her drink. Simar asks Chaaya if she is thinking about Dewar ji. Chaaya says I trusted the wrong persons in life, but life is giving me so much. Simar says nobody can separate you and Dewar ji. Chaaya asks promise. Simar says yes. She hugs her. Chaaya pushes her and looks at the Mata Rani locket. Chitra comes there and takes Chaaya with her. Simar gets thinking and comes out. She sees Chaaya’s reflection on the glass door instead of Reema’s reflection and gets shocked. Chitra takes Chaaya to Vivaan’s room. Vivaan smiles. Chitra asks Vivaan to have patience and asks him to go, says she will send her. Simar sees Chaaya coming out of Reema’s body and says she can’t be Chaaya. Reema looks at Chaaya and then looks at Simar. She calls her and asks her to save her. Simar shouts Reema di. Chaaya closes the door.

Precap: Simar takes Chaaya to side and says you are not my Reema di. Chaaya says I will stay in Reema’s body like this, you can’t prove my truth.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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