Sasural Simar Ka 2 22nd October 2022 Written Episode Update: Simar and Aarav end the evils

Sasural Simar Ka 2 22nd October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Badimaa praying to Mata Rani and asks her to help Simar, and do some miracle. She says Simar is your big devotee. The gangajal falls down from the temple and comes near Simar. Simar gains consciousness coming in contact with it. Indu says Simar and calls Badimaa. Aarav and Mayakshi are taking rounds. Aarav stops hearing Simar, but Mayakshi asks him to continue taking rounds. Mayakshi says today Aarav will become mine, you can’t do anything. Simar tries to come to Aarav, but is pushed down by the magical trap. Simar asks Mata Rani to stop this sin from happening, he is my husband, asks her to give her power, asks her to protect her sindoor and mangalsutra and asks her to prove her trust right. She takes off her mangalsutra and holds it in her hand. She walks towards the magical trap. Everyone gets worried. Kamakshi says this foolish girl is going to her death, today all her story will end. Simar manages to enter the magical trap shocking Mayakshi, Kamakshi and Rudra and surprising all the family members.

Kamakshi says it was impossible, how she could come inside. Simar says this mangalsutra is the sign of trust, sign of true love and blessings of God. She says nobody’s magic will work on this. Mayakshi holds the magical locket against Simar’s mangalsutra. Aarav faints and falls down. Mayakshi says today I will snatch your mangalsutra, you have so much pride about it. Simar asks her not to look at her mangalsutra and asks her to stay away. Mayakshi asks will you stop me and holds the locket in her hand. The divine powers come out of Simar’s mangalsutra and Mayakshi faints and falls down. Rudra has attacked Mayakshi. Reema gets scared and hides behind Badimaa. Kamakshi comes to Mayakshi and asks Rudra why did he take his sister’s life. He says he can do anything for his aim, and you know this well. He says whoever comes between me and this locket, they will meet the same fate. He asks where is that locket?

Kamakshi says it might be here, my daughter’s sacrifice can’t go waste. Simar asks Aarav to gain consciousness. Rudar asks Simar to return his locket. Simar says it is my locket Rudra. She holds the locket and they feel pain. Simar says I can do anything for my Aarav ji. Kamakshi tries to do magic on Simar, but fails. Rudra threatens to harm her family. Simar says my family is my God, if you look at them then I will make you turn as ashes. Rudra and Kamakshi are tied by the magical powers of the locket. She pulls the string and makes the flowers fall on them, which hurts the evils. Rudra asks do you think that you have defeated us, just look at your family. Simar sees Rudra’s Servants keeping knife on all family members’ necks. Rudra says Oswals, are you ready for the last journey. Simar calls Aarav and asks him to get up. Rudra asks him to return the locket. Kamakshi emotionally blackmails her to give the locket and says your stubbornness will prove costly for you.

Simar uses locket to free Rudra and Kamakshi from the trap. She then gives locket to Rudra and comes to Aarav asking him to get up. Rudra says I will become immortal now and will become very powerful. He wears the locket and it becomes powerful due to Mata Rani’s powers. Rudra attacks Simar and says even your God can save you, what do you think that you will give me fake locket and fool me. Everyone is shocked. Simar prays to Mata Rani. Kamakshi says now you and your family will be finished. Rudra sees the magical locket on the floor and is about to pick it, when Aarav comes there holding the trishul and hits Rudra. Rudra falls down. Aarav holds the magical locket in his hand. Simar tells Aarav that they have to kill her before they ruin the world. Aarav says today their destruction is sure, he puts the locket on the floor. Rudra and Kamakshi ask them not to break the locket. Aarav and Simar break the locket. Rudra, kamakshi and Mayakshi vanishes from there. Aarav says you have saved our family. Simar says we have saved our family.

Precap: Reema-Vivaan, Simar-Aarav and others dance and sing.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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