Sasural Simar Ka 2 23rd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Chaaya attempts to kill Simar

Sasural Simar Ka 2 23rd September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Badimaa and others coming to have dinner. Badimaa asks why food is not served today. Vivaan says we might have to order food from outside, due to Reema. Kavya comes there and says they have asked me to go out of kitchen. Simar tells Badimaa that Chitra and Reema said that they will make food. Badimaa asks Reyansh to order food from outside. Chitra comes there. Badimaa says we know your talent, Chitra. Chitra says they have made many dishes and asks if they have any order, then can say. She says no order, I will ask Reema to serve. Aditi and Gagan come there. Aditi says she came at the right time and tells that her baby is hungry. Sandhya says today food is made by Chitra and Reema. Aditi and Gagan tell that they have full stomach. Chaaya brings the food. Aditi sits to have the food. Chaaya says she has made everyone’s favorite food. Badimaa says they shall taste it. Simar is surprised. Everyone tastes the food. Vivaan says wow, I have become your food fan, kisses on her hand and says you surprised me everytime, it is too good. Chaaya thanks him. Simar eats the food and says it is really tasty. She hugs Chaaya and says she really enjoyed. Chaaya feels the jerk due to Mata Rani locket, but manages to control herself. Simar asks why you didn’t make the food before. Chitra says if she had made the food before, then the keys would have been with her. Simar says if Badimaa wants then I will give the keys to her. Badimaa tells that she can’t give the keys, eating one day food. Chaaya says she wants to take up the responsibility of making food daily. Simar asks where did you learn cooking?

Chaaya recalls Chitra asking her to sprinkle magical water on the food. Aarav and Simar come to their room. Simar says Maa and Papa will be happy to know that Di made tasty food. They feel drowsy. Simar removes her earrings. Aarav closes the door. She tells Aarav to help her, free her locket. He takes out the mata rani pendant and chain and it falls on the ground. They fall on the bed and faint. Chaaya comes there and attacks the vase, and make it fall down and break. She then picks the glass vase broken piece and walks towards Simar. She is flying in air and goes near Simar, says today I will kill you, nobody can save you from me, you don’t have mata rani’s kawach with you. She is about to attack her, when Aarav keeps his hand on her hand, in unconscious state. Chaaya couldn’t attack Simar and thinks neither puja thread nor God can stop me today. Mata Rani’s temple is shown. Chaaya thinks who is this power, which is holding my hand. She recalls Mayakshi telling that Rudra can come here at anytime, so they need to do something before that.

Rudra comes to Oswal Mansion, and stamps the skeleton head rod on the floor, shouting for Chaaya. Chaaya says Rudra and falls off. She sits down on the floor. Rudra starts the countdown asking her to come. Chaaya thinks Rudra has come here, what I will do now, I don’t want to go. Rudra turns and sees Chaaya standing. Rudra says you don’t know, how much I miss you, and says you might have missed me, like I missed you. Chaaya says yes, even I missed you. He holds her with his magical powers and calls her betrayal and disloyal to him. He says how dare you to love someone else, loved a human. He says I was waiting for you since more than 100 years, but you trust a human and not me. He says let me tell you one thing that you are wrong, and says you shall trust me. Chaaya says I trust you and I didn’t do anything. Rudra says my eyes are everywhere, you broke my trust and made fun of my wait. Chaaya says she will never do this again. Rudra says I will not leave any chance now. He shows the bottle. Chaaya says I will never go against you and will do as you say. She apologizes to him. Rudra says nobody gets second chance after breaking my trust, even if it is you. He opens the bottle. Chaaya nods no. Simar gains consciousness and looks at Aarav. She gets up from the bed and thinks how did we fall asleep? She thinks this door was closed, how did this open? She looks for Mata Rani’s locket and finds it on the floor. She picks it and wears it. Rudra hits the road on the floor. Chaaya says Rudra, please I will never betray you. He cages her in the bottle. Simar comes there and looks down. She sees Rudra and gets shocked.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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