Sasural Simar Ka 2 24th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Chaaya and Mayakshi to kill Simar

Sasural Simar Ka 2 24th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Simar coming out of the room and thinking why nobody switched off the lights. Mayakshi comes to Rudra and tells her that Chaaya is not disloyal to him, she did what she asked her to do. Rudra says I have heard your confession, that you was with Chaaya in this cheat. He attacks her and says you wants to go ahead of me. Mayakshi says we are doing what you want us to do, and we will be with you always. Rudra leaves her and asks what I want? Mayakshi says you want Reema’s body to save our mother, but this can’t happen until Simar moves away from our way. Rudra says I am not afraid of Simar. Mayakshi says it is your big misunderstanding, may be you have forgotten what she has done with you. She says if you are powerful, then she is also very powerful, she was powerful then and she is powerful now, and says we have to make her go away from our way. Simar comes to the balcony and looks shocked. She couldn’t see Rudra and Mayakshi as they are invisible to her. She comes to the hall. Chaaya shouts calling Simar. Simar looks here and there and says why I am sensing that there is someone here, when there is nobody. She thinks even the door is open, I have to talk to Hari bhaiyya in the morning. She closes the door. Chaaya is again calling Simar. Simar is going and the vase falls down on the floor. Mayakshi says if Simar sees Chaaya caged in the bottle. Just then Simar hears Aarav’s voice and goes. Mayakshi and Rudra smiles.

Mayakshi asks Rudra if she saw, how dangerous is she? She tells that Simar had magical water food, but she woke up and came here, and asks him to understand whatever she did is right. She says Simar is not an ordinary woman and only her relative can kill her. She says just 2 more days, then our enemy will be finished. She says I need Chaaya for that. Rudra stamps on the floor and Chaaya comes out from the bottle. Rudra says I am giving you a last chance, if you try to betray me. Chaaya says I will not break your trust, our love is of 100 years, I will complete your work. He says mayakshi will stay with you. Mayakshi says everyone identifies me here. Rudra says I am giving you time till tomorrow to get news of Simar’s death.

Next day, Aarav, Simar and Vivaan serve the food to the girls and clean their feet. Badimaa asks Vivaan where is Reema? Vivaan says she had gone to market to make preparation for evening. Simar says Reema di likes to do this puja. She gets worried. Badimaa waits for Reema to come. Chaaya is in the room and thinks she can’t go out until puja is done. Vivaan comes to the room and Reema to come out fast. She says she needs a hot shower. He asks if she is fine. She says yes. Chaaya asks him to give teaser of the surprise which they have planned. Vivaan says ok and goes. Badimaa asks Simar to rest, as the puja is completed. Vivaan calls everyone and says they have special announcement for Simar bhabhi and tells that they have planned a surprise. He says special dandiya will happen today, and Simar bhabhi is the special guest. Badimaa asks what will be in it. Vivaan says it will be good dance, dhamaal etc. Chaaya thinks to get freed from Rudra’s clutches, for that she has to kill Simar. She thinks she will become of Vivaan then. She comes there and says you will not be tired and your special costumes have reached. Simar says Di, I am impressed. She says this matters to me a lot. Chaaya says you can’t forget tonight.

Aarav is ready for dandiya. Simar says he is looking dashing. Aarav says my charm is same, and says I can’t tell you the same for you. Simar says she was working in kitchen since long. She goes and comes ready. She asks if I am looking so good that you couldn’t say anything and asks him to handle his consciousness, and says I am not yet fully ready. Aarav tells poetry and says tell the moon, hide its moonlight as my lover is going to sparkle in stars. Simar says let me get ready. Mahiya song plays……Aarav comes to Simar and makes her wear jewellery. Simar smiles.

Precap: Mayakshi comes indisguise and tells Chaaya that today they will kill their enemy. Chaaya looks at the pointed sharp knife from the dandiya.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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