Sasural Simar Ka 2 27th September 2022 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2 27th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Simar praying to Mata Rani. Mayakshi and Chaaya recall Rudra planning to kill Simar, once she comes to his magical chakra, without her protective shield. Chaaya says bye bye Simar. Simar prays to Mata Rani to bring back Reema back. She starts singing. Aarav sees Mayakshi holding Simar’s locket and asks her to give it back to him. Mayakshi gives it to him. Rudra says reverse countdown of your life starts now, Simar. He uses the rod holding the skeleton head. Badimaa sees the magical star beneath Simar’s footsteps and gets shocked. Aarav comes to Badimaa seeing her getting panicked. They see the light flickering. Rudra says that moment has come. Simar tries to get out from it, but she is trapped. Aarav throws Mata Rani’s locket inside the magical star. Just then the fire breaks out and everyone falls down. Rudra finds his magical rod going missing and gets shocked. Simar and all the family members fall down unconscious. Sandhya gains consciousness and calls Gajendra. Gajendra gains consciousness. They call Aarav and Vivaan. Badimaa calls Aarav. Aarav goes to Simar and asks if she is fine. Simar shows the Mata Rani’s locket in her hand. Vivaan goes to Reema and finds her lying down on the floor. She says I am fine and asks how is Simar? Mayakshi thinks how come Simar is alive? Aarav says call the doctor. Giriraj says he will call the doctor. Simar says it was an accident, she is fine. Badimaa thinks it was not an accident. Reema comes there calling Simar and runs to her. She hugs her and cries, saying thank god you are fine.

Simar looks at her. Reema says she is Reema, her Reema di. She finds mata rani’s locket in her hand, takes it and keeps it on her eyes and then makes Simar wear it. Simar thinks Di touched Mata Rani’s locket without any hesitation, it means that she is Di. She hugs Reema and says I am very happy that you are back, my Di is back. Vivaan says we shall sue the event management company for the electric short circuit. Aarav says it is good that everyone is safe. Sandhya says she will bring juice for her. Simar says she is fine, and asks her to see the guests. She says Di is with me. Giriraj says Maa is not here, we shall go and see her. Aarav asks can we stay here? Simar says I want to talk to Di. Aarav and Vivaan go from there. The people gossip that the big mishap happened in the house, but Mata Rani saved everyone. Giriraj asks if you are fine? Badimaa goes to her room and locks the door.

Chitra looks at the bangle which has come out of her hand and asks Giriraj when did I wear it? He says so much happened. Reema tells Simar that she never thought that Chaaya will go out of her body and praises Simar saying she is Mata Rani’s avatar to bring her back. Simar says she is happy to see her. Reema praises her for saving her. simar asks how did you free your body from Chaaya. Reema says when the blast happened, Chaaya came out of my body for sometime. She says I saw Mata Rani’s diya under the table, before Chaaya could get back to my body, I used all my strength and reached the diya, and Chaaya’s soul went in darkness. Simar hugs Reema and asks if you will tell Dewar ji or the family. Reema says the incident was so heart shaker that she can’t tell anyone. Badimaa opens her cupboard and finds the same chakra book there. She drops it. Simar says we both got saved from Chaaya and her evil powers, the evil is over Di. They have a hug. Badimaa is shocked and says this is not the end, but start, the death entered our house, and when the death merchants come, then they don’t go empty handed. She gets scared and folds her hand. Reema and Simar smiles.


Update Credit to: H Hasan

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