Sasural Simar Ka 2 28th September 2022 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2 28th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Simar coming to Reema and asks what list she is making? Reema says she has missed so much in these days so she made list of what to do. She says she will go on shopping, will meet Maa and Papa. Simar says will go on longdrive and have corn on the way. Reema says she wants to forget everything and start a normal life again. Simar smiles. Badimaa comes there and calls Reema. She asks her to go and rest in her room, says she wants to talk to Simar about something important. Reema asks if you are fine? Badimaa says yes. Simar asks if she is worried about the incident which happened. Badimaa says she is afraid of the bad thing happening in the house and says she has been managing since so many years, but nothing is left in my hand. Simar says Mata Rani will handle everything, why are you worrying.

Badimaa says even I trust mata rani, but what is going to start, nobody can stop it. Badimaa asks what is she saying? A woman is shown in the locked room of the haveli, while Rudra and Mayakshi are standing outside. The lady says she has to come out and fulfill her dreams, and says you both upset me again. She asks them to open the door. Mayakshi asks Rudra if they have to do this? Rudra says we don’t have any way out. Badimaa says this is years long matter, which I had forgotten. Simar says this symbol of chakra. Badimaa says did you know that you was standing inside it when you was attacked and says it is panch maha bhoot’s symbol. She says it is a door of soul entering in the body and the person’s soul departs from the body. She says this means whoever stands in that symbol will die. Badimaa and Simar are shocked.

Aarav says Simar was attacked and my family members were in danger. He says if Rudra has done this, then I will not leave him. Simar says I was saved and Rudra couldn’t do anything to me. Aarav hears her and thinks Rudra will not be left to think anything . He leaves. Badimaa says this is not about Rudra. She recalls a lady telling her that her dear one will die infront of her. She tells Simar that many years ago, someone death happened in the house. She says that death came again hunting for another prey. She says that woman’s curse is infront of me, and says death is knocking on my door and when it knock on the door, it doesn’t return empty handed, we all are target of death.

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