Sasural Simar Ka 2 3rd October 2022 Written Episode Update: Simar seeks Sadhvi’s help to save Aarav

Sasural Simar Ka 2 3rd October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Simar praying to Mata Rani and asking her to save Aarav ji and bring him back from death. Badimaa does the havan while everyone is standing with folded hands. Simar is dancing in the temple, holds the trishul and rings the temple bell. She is about to fall down, when Sadhvi ji comes there. Kamakshi is standing outside the temple and says nobody can save your Aarav. Sadhvi asks her to drink water. Simar says I don’t need anything, please save my Aarav ji. Sadhvi ji refuses. Simar folds her hands and asks her to save him. Sadhvi ji says tonight is dangerous for Aarav, if he sees the morning then think that he is safe. She makes her see Kamakshi. Simar says I will save my Aarav ji. Kamakshi laughs and says you don’t know anything. Simar comes home and sees Vivaan, Reyansh, Gagan, Aditi and others are standing outside. She says I have brought vabhoot for Aarav ji. Sandhya says Aarav. Simar goes to room. Doctor says your husband is strong and is a fighter. He says it is your trust that he is stable now. Simar does his tilak with vabhoot. She tells Badimaa that Sadhvi has come with her and has promised not to let anything wrong happen with Aarav ji. She says she has promised me that she will not let the evil powers come in the house. Chaaya looks on.

Sadhvi ji ties the holy thread around the house. Kamakshi comes infront of her and says you can tie the thread, but whatever I want will happen. Sadhvi says I won’t let any evil come inside this house. Kamakshi says they are more ahead of them, and says they don’t need to go inside to do their work, and says they have to just sign and then Aarav will be killed. She says my slaves are inside and outside the house too, and asks her to remember. Chaaya comes to Simar and asks why are you worrying, Aarav is stable, and we are also with him. She says he is safe in our care.

Rudra tells Mayakshi that if Aarav dies then Simar’s powers will become half. Simar tells Aarav that they will fight and win too, and that Rudra will be defeated. She hears a sound and looks out of the window, and recalls Sadhvi ji’s words. Kamakshi is outside the window and says Aarav needs to die before 4 am. Simar talks to Aarav and turns to go, she sees her pallu stuck and says I know that you don’t want to go, so I will go and come back fast. She comes to the kitchen to get water. Chaaya breaks the jug with her evil powers. Simar pours water in the jug and walks out.

Vivaan asks Badimaa to have something. Badimaa blames herself for Aarav’s condition. Gajendra says it is not your mistake. Sandhya blames Badimaa for Aarav’s condition. Badimaa says I am responsible and was thinking about my children. She asks her not to have hatred for her. Sandhya holds her hand and touches her feet. Simar looks at them. They have a hug.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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