Sasural Simar Ka 2 5th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2 5th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Simar telling Badimaa that Aarav started speaking in Bengali in the room. Badimaa says we shall go to Guruji in the morning. Simar says I will come with you. Badima says ok and asks her to go to Aarav now. In the morning, Aarav calls Simar. Simar asks how is he? He says he is fit and fine after seeing the beautiful face. Simar asks him to get ready for breakfast. Badimaa, Simar and Reema come to Guru ji. Badimaa shows the ashes and tells that they have burnt the statue and brought these ashes here. Guru ji puts the ashes in the water and tells that the statue is not burnt. Badimaa says how can this be possible? Simar asks Guru ji to help them. Guru ji says they need info about the statue, where it was made etc. Reema says I got all the info about that statue and shows him the article, says it is clearly written that the girl’s mother and aunt died due to the fire. Suddenly the newspaper catches fire and Guru ji drops the paper from his hand.

Aarav hears the music and gets up calling Simar. Badimaa asks why the ashes have turned black. Guru ji tells that whatever it is, it is very dangerous and needs something. He says it is still in your house. Aarav sees the reflection and goes near the curtain, asking Simar why she scared him. Guruji tells that whatever she need, is there. Aarav finds the statue and says so you are here, and I thought I have lost you, I am very happy. He finds the statue vanishing and says come to me, I want to talk to you. Reema tells Guru ji that this story is 70-80 years old. She tells that laboni used to work in Roy Chaudhary’s house as Servant and she was very beautiful. He says Roy chaudhary’s younger son used to love her. She tells that Arindham was already married and was mad in love with Labuni. They used to meet each other secretly. Arindham started making the statue and the family comes to know. She says Labuni got the bangle through Arindham as a gift and the family thought that she has stolen it when they saw it. She says they punished her for the crime which she had not done, to teach her a lesson that nobody shall compare themselves to Roy Chaudhary family. She says labuni got saved from the fire, but her face was burnt to some extent. She says people used to call her with bad words. Simar says Shop keepers and Badimaa also called her with such words. Badimaa says yes. Simar says it is her pain. Badimaa asks Guru ji what she wants. Aarav searches for the statue and says this is your favorite music I know. He asks her to say something. He says he is yearning to hear from us. He hears the voice, she asks if you feel myself beautiful. Simar tells badimaa that she is yearning to get accepted. Aarav says you are very beautiful, I didn’t see such beauty before. Statue appears infront of him. He keeps hand on her cheeks. Simar tells Badimaa that she is yearning to hear praises. She realizes and tells Badimaa that Aarav finds the idol beautiful and artistic, says he is in danger. The cloth falls on the statue. Aarav moves the cloth from the statue’s face and it disappears. Aarav says I praised you and you have vanished, not fair. Simar reaches there and calls Aarav. She asks where are you?

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