Sasural Simar Ka 2 5th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Simar tackles Chaaya

Sasural Simar Ka 2 5th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Simar telling badimaa that the trouble is not gone till now, we shall be alerted till 4 am in the morning and says enemy is between us, anything can happen at anytime. Badimaa asks what do you mean? Simar says I need your help. Kamakshi is worried. Mayakshi asks why you are worried. Kamakshi says Simar thinks that she is even now powerful and closed door on my face, and says how dare she to do this. Kamakshi says Aarav will die and this will be the end of Simar. Simar says I know you are here, and calls Chaaya. She confronts Chaaya and says you are coward and is scared to come infront of me. She says you are a coward. Suddenly a vase falls down. Simar shouts asking her to come out. Chaaya attacks Simar. Simar asks Chaaya to leave else it will be bad for her. Chaaya appears infront of her and says I will be here always. Simar says she has her husband’s love, her family’s support etc. She says this is not yours. Chaaya moves the vase with her powers and is about to get it. Simar catches it with her powers and tells that you are using my sister and asks her to leave her. Chaaya says I will kill you. Simar shows the holy thread and asks her to go. Chaaya says you are threatening me.

Sadhvi tells Badimaa, Vivaan and others that they shall help Simar fight with the spirit. She says if a woman wants then can do anything. Simar ties the thread on all side of the room and says you have to leave this house. Simar asks Chaaya to leave her Di. Chaaya shouts asking Vivaan to save her, and says don’t know what happened to Simar. She shouts Vivaan asking him to come and free her. Badimaa asks Vivaan to trust Simar. Sadhvi ji asks Vivaan to trust Simar. Simar says Vivaan will not come, as you are not Reema di. Chaaya says this soul got what, which she was yearning for, husband’s and family’s love. Simar says my Dewar ji’s love and care is for my Di. Chaaya attacks her and simar falls down. Vivaan comes there and gets shocked. Chaaya asks Vivaan to save her, and says she is Reema. Simar says she is not Reema di. Chaaya hides behind Vivaan and asks him to save her from her madness. Vivaan says she is Reema, my wife and your sister. Simar says this is Chaaya and not my Reema di, who is in my di’s body. Vivaan asks how can this be possible? Simar says this is the soul which is inside Reema’s body. Chaaya says you have promised to protect me and asks him to protect her from Simar. Simar asks Vivaan to go from there. Chaaya says you will not agree and raises her hand to slap Simar. Vivaan holds her hand and says I know that Simar will not do anything wrong, and Reema will never raise her hand on her sister. He says you are not Reema and goes out, and closes the door. Chaaya says I am your Reema. Simar asks did you see, dewar ji’s love is for my Di and not for the imposter. Simar ties thread to Reema’s hand. Chaaya says if anything happens to me, then Rudra will not leave you. Simar asks her to come and drags her with the holy thread. She says leave my Di. Chaaya shouts.

Vivaan controls himself. Simar throws something on Chaaya. Chaaya shows her hand towards Simar. Simar says your powers can’t work here, where Mata Rani’s Jaap is doing here. Chaaya says the more you hurt me, I will hurt your sister’s body. Simar says human’s destiny is in God’s hands and not in spirits hand. She says my mata rani will not let anything happen to my sister and Aarav ji. Everyone gets up. Simar says Jai mata di. Simar takes the holy ashes and throws on Chaaya. Chaaya comes out of Reema’s body and goes outside. Simar sees Chaaya standing outside. Vivaan and others go to Reema. Chaaya says today you have won from me, as your family is with you. She says I wish I could have family like you. She says Aarav and all the family are very lucky as you are part of the family. She then says what do you think that you have saved your family, and says once the death knocks on the door, it don’t go empty handed, will take someone and go. Simar gets worried.

Precap: Chaaya shouts Simar and says you will be the reason for the death in the house. Badimaa appreciates Simar and says Sadhvi ji was right. Simar looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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