Sasural Simar Ka 2 8th October 2022 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2 8th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kamakshi recalls the history of locket and the existence of Damini. She emphasizes to remember about her past life, so that she can kill her again. Meanwhile, Rudra snatches the locket, but he is asked to give it to Kamakshi. But Rudra puts it in his own neck. As soon as he weared, he feels uneasy. But ultimately gaining the power, he starts to show his omnipotence. But Simar denies to fight with her. She is agreed to take all the blames in her own soldier. Rudra confirms that she will be killed instead of the baby’s life.

The doctor brings the baby in her lap and says that they are sorry, they couldnot save the baby. Everyone looks thunderstrucks. Gagan and Badima both totally loose their nerves. Everyone breaks down into tears. They cannot believe the situation

Here, Simar reminds the request of her family to save the girl. Simar loses her sense and Rudra applies his all magical power to kill her. But he accepts the suprimity of Simar. As soon as, he rise her up, Aarav appeares with his blessed trident and catches Simar in his lap. Evils look confused to see Aarav. He looks outrageous but can’t see the evils who are invisible with a protected wall. Rudra can’t step forward, because of the wall. Kamakshi tells that they are safe because of the locket. Finally Aarav pokes the wall with the locket of Damini with the edge of the trident.

Suddenly the baby starts crying and doctor declairs it as a miracle. Everyone looks confounded. They feels very glad that the baby is safe and starts smiling with each other. They bring Aditi in the bed in front of Oswal. Doctor says she is senseless bacause of anaesthesia and soon she will be all right. Everyone is so happy for both Aditi and Baby, they cannot express it.

Aarav tries to bring back her sense, but Simar can’t open her eyes. Aarav gives her the locket of matarani which he had brought from Aditi. Rudra says that Simar is finished by his own hand and she will never open her eyes again. He feel proud for his own deeds. Aarav jurks her to get back the sense. Being emotional and helpless, he breaks down in tears. He remembers their strong relationship. Aarav says Simar can’t leave him alone, he tries to take his life with tridant. But then suddenly Simar utters his name. Simar is tightly hugged by Aarav. The evils stare at them. Simar is trying to remember the whole incident. Aarav takes her into his lap and leaves the room.

Rudra gets very angry,that how can Simar be alive. Mayakshi tries to clam him down by reminding about the powerful locket of Damini. But then they all noticed that the locket is missing from Rudra’s neck and they all gets confused. Mayakshi starts doubting Rudra that he had hide the locket somewhere and Rudra gets more angry for this conspiracy. Kamakshi tries to handle both of them. She says that the locket must be here, they should find it soon as it is very crusial for them and they start looking for the locket.

Aarav takes Simar away from the castle to a their Oswaal family. Aarav is also asked to take the rest by the doctor. When she opens her eyes, she expresses the love towards him. They still fear about their separation. They hug each other in love. They suddenly Gagan comes, seeing them close, he makes fun of them. Then Vivaan and Sandhya come to hug her. But Badima comes with the baby of Aditi to embrace her with love. The baby smiles to stare at Simar. Aditi, Gagan and Badima thank Simar from their heart. Aditi proposes Simar to be the godmother of the baby. Badima expresses how much they are obliged to Simar for saving them from the age old curse. They all take bow down to Simar.

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