Sherdil Shergill 11th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Ajeet caresses Anmol

Sherdil Shergill 11th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gunjan’s Saas saying I will ask Manmeet to get married and settle down. Puneet tries to say. Gunjan’s Saas calls out Gunjan. She says I have to tell you something, I m bringing a good alliance for Manmeet, I called the guy and his parents in the function today, Manmeet can’t refuse to them. She sees Anmol and says he is sweet, whose child is he. Gunjan says he is from family. Her in-laws leave. Manmeet and Raj are in the market. He says your mum isn’t accepting the truth, your mum didn’t ask anything but told everything, she left me with you at night, she thought you are lying, your dad was taking my chest size to get same sherwani, I wanted to help you, I think we are getting trapped. She says right, you meet the guests in mehendi tonight and leave for Mumbai, I think that’s the right plan. He asks what, what will I tell Nikki. She says I lied a lot, you will get a call for meeting, let me think, you tell everything that you have to go to Sydney, tell them that you are sorry. He asks can’t it be London instead Sydney. She says okay, you check-in in any hotel, but please go from here. He says I know my boss, the lioness, Sherdil Shergill, I met a different Manmeet here, you love your dad and family a lot, I thought you are lying, but I m proud of you. She says you know it now, come. He says your left eye gets smaller when you cry. She asks what nonsense, I don’t cry. He says yes, I was crying at night. She says I will fire you. He says my dad will hire me again. He goes.

Ajeet asks where are Manmeet, Gunjan and Raj. Puneet says Manmeet didn’t come yet. She asks Gunjan where was she. Manmeet and Raj come. Ajeet asks Manmeet to meet the guests. Gunjan asks Manmeet to come for a talk. Ajeet takes Raj with him. Manmeet asks what’s the matter. Gunjan says my Sasumaa got a marriage proposal for you. Manmeet asks are you serious, what are you saying. Gunjan says yes. Manmeet asks why didn’t you say that I m married, Raj is here. Gunjan says he is your fake husband. Manmeet says but Anmol is real.

Gunjan says yes, but you have to do real marriage someday. Manmeet asks what nonsense are you saying. Gunjan says you all are doing nonsense with me. Manmeet says give me your phone, I will talk to her. Gunjan says no, my marriage can get in trouble. Manmeet worries.

At Gunjan’s sangeet, Manmeet and Raj come with Anmol. Everyone looks on. Bua says Anmol is my grandchild, bless him. Bua asks Ajeet to bless. Raj sees Ajeet extending hand and stopping. Raj leaves Anmol there. He puts some toys and goes. Anmol sits playing. Raj says Gunjan, your mehendi looks good. Manmeet asks where is Anmol. Raj says he is sitting there, alone. She asks have you lost your mind. He holds her hand. He says let him cry. She asks what, he is crying there. He says I know what I m doing, just trust me. She says he is my son, what are you doing, leave my hand. Puneet calls out Manmeet. Raj silents her. Manmeet says he is crying there, just leave my hand. Ajeet sees Anmol crying. He calls out Puneet. He goes to Anmol. Anmol holds his kurta and stands. Ajeet smiles and takes him. He hugs Anmol. Manmeet, Puneet and Raj smile. Manmeet recalls Ajeet’s words. She cries happily. She hugs Raj and says thanks, really thank you so much Raj. Puneet smiles seeing them.

The episode ends

Update Credit to: Amena

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