Sherdil Shergill 19th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Raj helps Manmeet

Sherdil Shergill 19th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raj waking up. He sees Manmeet sleeping. He covers her up with the blanket and leaves from the house. Nirali recalls Manmeet’s words. Choti comes and says I came to see if everything is fine. She calls out Raj. Nirali says he isn’t at home, don’t know where he went. Choti says I feel tensed about him. Nirali says I m there to worry for him, you spoke in between and provoked dad to beat Raj. Raj comes home. Choti says Raj got involved in that drama, and you are saying I said it wrong. Raj asks what are you doing here. Nirali and Choti ask where did you go. Raj says nowhere, I went to Shimla to help Manmeet, I went to have coffee with friends. Choti says open your mouth. He says you got the coffee smell, you are just 12 mins elder to me, you doubt so much. Nirali says I will find a girl for you. Choti asks what’s the matter. Raj makes her out and shuts the door. Raj says I have to do something of Choti. He lies to sleep. He gets Nikki’s message.

Manmeet comes to office. Raj whistles. She says you here, so early. He says I didn’t get sleep after having coffee prepared by you. She asks when did you have it. He says after waking up. She asks why didn’t you wake me up. He says I find you cute when you sleep, I mean you were silent so I didn’t wake you up. Mishra looks on. She says stay in your limits, I will fire you. He says I will ask dad to hire me again. He jumps and sits on the table. He snatches her diary. She asks him to stop. She sees Mishra watching. She goes out. She says there is imp meeting, I want Raj to be there, its Tuesday today, you should be here after 5pm, don’t disappear. She goes. Raj sees Mishra and asks him to come. He says I had the coffee prepared by boss. Manmeet talks to Asmita about the blueprints. Raj is busy playing game on phone. Manmeet messages him. Mishra looks into Raj’s phone. Manmeet asks Raj to come and talk. Raj asks what are you looking at. He pulls Mishra’s cheek. Mishra says nothing. Raj asks do we have to go to Shimla again. Manmeet says no, I promise I won’t take your help again, sorry to ask, tell me about Nikki.

Nikki asks Raj’s nephew Radhe for lift. He asks her to sit in the car. Raj asks did you call me to ask this. She says she had messaged you. He says she won’t do anything. She asks what will you do if you visit your house. Nikki says I m Komal. Radhe says I m Radhe. She says that’s a good name. Manmeet says Nikki won’t sit quiet. Radhe says Raj is my uncle. Nikki says he is married, right. Radhe says no, we don’t know about his marriage. Raj asks will you tell this to me now. Manmeet says I can understand her better, being a girl. He laughs and asks are you a girl, you are boss. She says I made a big mistake to call you here. He says girls don’t get rude. Radhe asks did we come to know each other or did you come to ask about Raj. Nikki says I wanted to know about your family. He says I will tell you anything. She holds his hand and asks her to come. Raj gets Nirali’s call. Nirali says reach home by 5pm. Raj says there is imp meeting at office. Nirali says come home, a good alliance came for you, the girl is educated, but she will handle the household after marriage, we have to fix this. He asks what happened suddenly. She says we are doing this to have peace in the house. He worries.

Bhairav asks what did you do. Nirali asks what. He says you should have got a good mahurat first, don’t haste, they will doubt on us, Manmeet’s matter will end. She says Raj went out at night, even when you and beaten him, the world is ready to loot him, so I m rushing. He asks what, you have done right. Manmeet asks Vidya why are you crying, tell me. Vidya says come soon. Raj is on the way. He gets Manmeet’s call. He says I can’t cancel my act, I need off for 3 days. She asks him to come home, its an emergency, Anmol isn’t fine. Raj says okay, I m coming.

At home, everyone waits for Raj. Manmeet asks what happened. She takes Anmol. Vidya says I was peeling matar, it went in his nose. Raj comes and asks is he fine. Manmeet says we will take him to doctor. Raj says I called a doctor home, he is my family doctor, he would be coming. Manmeet consoles Anmol. Bhairav asks Choti to call Raj. Choti calls Raj. Raj says he will be fine, this happened with me also in childhood. Choti says he isn’t answering. Bhairav worries. Doctor comes. He checks Anmol. Manmeet asks will everything get fine. Doctor says until the matar gets fine, forget that you are his parents. He puts some medicine in Anmol’s nose. Manmeet cries and turns away. The matar comes out of the nose. Doctor says this is your matar and that’s your hero. Manmeet asks Vidya to take Anmol. Raj thanks the doctor. Manmeet also thanks. Doctor asks Raj when did you get married, Bhairav didn’t invite me. Raj says no, we are not married, Manmeet is a good friend, she is my boss. Doctor says but you said, your son… Manmeet looks at Raj.

The episode ends

Update Credit to: Amena

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