Sherdil Shergill 26th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Manmeet and Raj end the fake drama

Sherdil Shergill 26th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ajeet saying we will go home and talk. Bhairav says no, our wives are there, we will talk here itself, so first question is… who hit you and why. Raj recalls. Bhairav asks why was this big matter hidden from me, Raj has become Manmeet’s husband for Gunjan’s marriage, then for saving Anmol, Manmeet has become his wife in the hospital, to save him from his friend/Nikki also, Nikki made their video, what’s this problem. Raj asks what video. Bhairav asks Ajeet didn’t you tell about the video. Ajeet says not yet. He tells everything. He says you always tell the truth, today I felt you didn’t say the truth, so I called Bhairav here, now its your turn to tell the truth to both of us.

He says we will sit, the story will be long. He asks Raj who has beaten him. Raj says I don’t know, there was darkness, thieves came to steal, he took my watch and wallet. Bhairav asks do you want to say something in this matter. Ajeet says no, she was with me, when Raj came home, she asked Raj, he fainted down. Raj says yes, it’s a small injury, forget it. Bhairav says whatever Manmeet told about your relation, do you want to say something. He asks Manmeet to say. She says truth will always be the same, there is nothing more, please trust me. Ajeet says come to the point, what’s the matter about Nikki’s video. Raj says it was my personal matter, Manmeet just helped me in getting rid of Nikki, we have said the same lie again and again, I think its my big mistake, Nikki was with me just for money, we used to go for shopping and dinners, I used to pay for everything.

Bhairav asks why didn’t you make her away before. Raj says she didn’t leave me, I got ready to become Manmeet’s husband to get rid of Nikki. Bhairav says you said all that to save Raj from Nikki, marriage in temple and child out of wedlock. She says I didn’t know Raj and Nikki, I met Raj 2-3 months before. Raj says I didn’t know Nikki will come home. Ajeet says I told you. Raj says Nikki made a video, you didn’t know. She says she was your friend. Bhairav says end this talk. Manmeet says sorry. Bhairav says okay, they have said the truth, we will end this matter, they have nothing between them, right. Manmeet says yes. Bhairav says we will end this, its good for everyone, thanks Manmeet for tolerating Raj, I don’t know what he learnt about architecture, but he learnt to bond with other’s families, how to raise babies, right Raj. He says he won’t work with you from tomorrow, he will work with me. She nods. She says I want to say sorry first, I hope it’s the last time, I feel your decision is right, Raj will be happy, he doesn’t like office work. Bhairav says you have relieved my burden, I will take Raj home, I will complete the formalities. He goes. Ajeet looks at Manmeet.

Bhairav calls Murari and says call our men home, I got Raj but I have to find someone else now. Raj sees Manmeet and smiles. He recalls their moments. Bhairav takes him. Raj thinks Manmeet will turn and see me once. Manmeet looks at him. He smiles happily.

Bhairav brings Raj home. He says some goons have beaten him, I learnt Raj is at the hospital, I went there, he is fine now. Nirali asks about the message. Bhairav says I will tell you, let him take rest. He sends Raj. Nirali asks did he tell everything, am I Dadi. Bhairav says stop it, we aren’t grandparents yet, Raj is still single, no wife, no kid. Choti and her husband smile. Bhairav says ask me whenever you do aarti. Nirali stares.

Manmeet plays with Anmol. Ajeet says Bhairav took the right decision, they have troubled us. Puneet says yes, but no one thought of them, you separated them. Ajeet says they were also there, they didn’t say anything. Bhairav says Raj and Manmeet told me everything, they have a relation of lie. Ajeet says if Manmeet told me, then I would have supported her, there is nothing between them, stop thinking now. Puneet gets upset. She says I have felt it and saw it. Ajeet says I can see, Manmeet is so happy, understand. Bhairav says prepare for the Diwali. Choti says you should be happy, Raj will marry someone of our level, our bahu will bond with us well, we will go for Diwali shopping. Puneet asks did Raj call. Manmeet asks why would he call.

Puneet asks what happened to you, you accepted Bhairav’s decision. Manmeet asks why would I stop him, its good, I got tension free now, I can give time to Anmol, you know I lost belief on myself by lying, I feel happy like before, you and dad are here on Diwali. Bhairav says Raj was attacked last night by 3-4 men, I don’t know anything else, Raj took a cab and went to Manmeet’s house. Murari says we will find the driver and then get answers. Bhairav says Raj did something, so he got enemies, find them and ask why did they beat Raj, find the reason first, its imp. Murari says okay.

Raj checks Manmeet’s contact. Murari comes and takes his phone. He gets the taxi driver’s number. He leaves. Raj worries. He calls Manmeet. Manmeet and family, Nirali and family are at the same mall. Manmeet takes the call and asks why did you call. Raj says dad started investigation, he found about the cab, he might reach Kuku’s club. Choti sees her and hears their talk. Manmeet says I can’t talk much, I m here with my parents, I will talk later. Nirali says I want to go home. Puneet sees her and greets. Nirali sees Anmol. Puneet says I didn’t think we will meet here. Nirali stops and says we are leaving, glad to meet you.

At Raj’s house, Bhairav says Raj, your mum has decided to get you married. Raj asks what. Choti says you are still in touch with Manmeet, at the mall, Manmeet was there, she was talking to you on call, I heard her talking. Murari says Raj knows who has beaten him, I heard him too. Nirali says I controlled myself by difficulty seeing Anmol. Bhairav says sit, forget it now, you decide who you like and want to marry, such good alliances come on Diwali, I m thinking to finish it in the next 15 days. Choti worries. Raj asks how can it happen in 15 days. Bhairav asks why, you get ready to become fake husband and fake dad on someone’s saying, you have a problem when the family wants you to marry, I don’t want any argument, everyone find a nice girl for Raj. Raj goes. Choti asks do you want to marry or not. Bhairav says I told him, he heard it, everyone get to work.

Its morning, Ajeet tries a shirt. Manmeet says its trendy, dad is looking smart. Puneet is upset. She asks will your life change if he looks smart. Raj calls Manmeet. She disconnects. She says I will talk tomorrow. Puneet says you both used to be awake till 3am in Shimla, take the call. Manmeet gets the call again. She goes to her room and answers. Raj says you were going to call me. Manmeet says sorry, I forgot. He says I know you went on shopping. She asks what’s the problem about standup. He says hear the new problem, my marriage talks started. She says oh wow, great. He says this is the problem. She asks what’s the problem, you aren’t too young, you should get married, see a nice girl, have an arranged marriage before you find another Nikki, you have to fight this alone. He asks what do you mean. She says don’t ask my help, you marry or don’t, I request, let me enjoy the peace. He asks didn’t I help you.

She says yes, thanks, we lied for Gunjan’s marriage, we paid a big price, I don’t want to start another lie, I helped you in getting rid of Nikki, its good if you are going to marry. He says you are okay with it. She says I have to make Anmol sleep, I will talk to you later. She ends call. He says she hanged up the call, fine, she doesn’t care, I will fight and show you, RK Ka Swayamvar. The taxi driver is brought to Bhairav. He asks why did they beat me. The man says he doesn’t want to tell about Raj. Bhairav says I m sorry, I will pay for your loss, I m a father, its about my son’s life, when my son sat in your taxi, what did you see. The man says he updated the address when he sat in the car. Bhairav asks was he injured. The man says yes, his forehead was bleeding, I asked shall we go to hospital, he refused. He asks can you tell me the place where he got into the car. The man says yes. Bhairav thanks him.

Choti says we need time in finding a nice girl. Her husband tells about a good alliance for Raj. Choti gets angry. Nirali says assure me that Raj will be here to meet the girl’s family, no one should get insulted because of him. Raj says it won’t happen, I will meet anyone you say, I m ready for marriage.

Nirali asks really. He nods. He says I took the right decision, my friends are married and have kids too, I also thought to get married. Nirali hugs him. Manmeet asks Puneet what’s the matter. Puneet says Ajeet doesn’t have any worry, sit here. Manmeet asks what happened. Puneet asks what did you talk to Raj, you had shut the door. Manmeet says you came after me. Puneet asks is there something I should know. Manmeet says he called and said he will get married in few days. Puneet asks what, you fixed the marriage. Choti says dad will give the property to the deserving grandchild, you listen to me, Raj shouldn’t get married. Manmeet asks why do we care, why are you worried for his marriage, his family wants him to get married, I congratulated him. Puneet looks at her. Its morning, Raj comes to the office. He sees Manmeet lighting the diyas, and smiles.

The episode ends

Update Credit to: Amena

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