Sherdil Shergill 30th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Manmeet learns Raj’s secret

Sherdil Shergill 30th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Manmeet asks are you out of your mind. Hussain says he looks handsome, he will look like Anmol’s dad, he doesn’t do any work here, he can help you and I will get free. She sees Raj leaving. She asks where is he running away, I will meet you later. She follows him. She gets Gunjan’s call. She says I will just come with Anmol, its final. Gunjan gets upset and ends the call. Raj goes inside. The man says guest entry is from backside. She asks is this a dance bar or a pub. He says look there. She reads Kuku’s club. She enters the club. She sees the standup comedy performance by Raj. Raj comes on stage and greets everyone. Raj says I love the audience. He introduces himself. The people laugh hearing his funny liners. Manmeet is amazed to see him. He says when I was born, I had two nieces and nephews of my age, I was called Mama ji on my birth, so I got the nickname Mama ji Yadav. Everyone claps for him. Manmeet smiles.

Gunjan sees her parents and goes. Raj jokes about his boss, Shergil. He says she is a single woman, she is handling 14 men at work. Manmeet sits to hear him. Gunjan gets some phenyl from the cupboard. Raj says when we think of doing something, we think of the society, but she thinks of herself, she can handle anyone, you can go and meet her, you would be thinking that I m impressed by my boss, but I don’t like her. Gunjan opens the bottle and cries. Raj says she is great, she is handling a person like me, our thinking is small, she has got the world in her control, there is much in name, she has become Sherdil from Shergil. Gunjan falls down. Puneet and Ajeet rush to see. They get shocked. Raj dances on stage. He says I m not on any social media platform, you can’t like, share or subscribe to me, so clap here itself for me, this is me signing off, thank you. He leaves. Manmeet looks at the crowd. Ajeet and Puneet worriedly rush Gunjan to the hospital. Raj comes home. He calls the servant. Servant goes and opens the door. He says everyone wakes up, go. Bhairav calls out Raju and says come here. He drinks. He asks Raj to sit. Raj says sorry for those flowers. Bhairav says its okay, but you have told the jokes to the people, you want to make people laugh, tell me, do you still want to do that standup comedy. Raj worries. Bhairav shows a pic and asks do you know him. Raj says Bhuvan chacha ji. Bhairav says he used to do standup comedy, then… Raj says people used to taunt you. Bhairav says yes, people used to stop me on the way and insult Bhuvan. Raj says you told this to me before, Sarpanch and his men had beaten Chacha ji a lot, and then one day, they lit fire in the house. FB shows Bhuvan’s family getting attacked by the angry villagers. The villagers beat Bhuvan to death. Bhairav says that Sarpanch had scared us, I had to leave the village and come here to Mumbai. He explains Raj the pros and cons of standup comedy. He says if you do such a thing, then I will end my relation with you, I can’t put my family in danger, I don’t want to lose you. He hugs Raj and cries.

Its morning, Raj asks his nephew to come. Manmeet calls Raj and asks him to come home right away. He asks why. She asks do you have a problem when I m inviting you. Raj says I will go home, she can scold me there. He goes to Manmeet’s house. Vidya sees him and shuts the door. She says Raj has come. Manmeet says let him come inside. Manmeet says give this box to your mum, she had sent sweets for me, I thought to send the special dish to her. He asks why did she send halwa to you. She says maybe because I m taking care of you, say thanks to her. He asks did you call me here for this, okay. She says if you respect me, then you can say it in front of me, praise me on my face. He laughs and says wow. She says because you can’t like, share or subscribe me by clicking any button. He gets shocked. She smiles. He recalls Bhairav’s words. She says I didn’t know you think so good about me.

The episode ends

Update Credit to: Amena

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