Sherdil Shergill 31st October 2022 Written Episode Update: Raj’s clever plan to hide his truth

Sherdil Shergill 31st October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raj coming home to meet Manmeet. He says you didn’t answer my call. She says I was busy. He greets Puneet and Ajeet. She asks did you come alone today. He says I had some work with Manmeet. She says sit and talk, we will go inside, better go to bedroom. Manmeet says mummy… please… She asks Raj to say it here. Raj says Puneet is right, come to the bedroom, we will sit and talk. They go. Ajeet asks is this looking good to go to the bedroom, its his engagement tomorrow. Puneet says he said he has imp work, he didn’t get engaged yet, this is happening for the good, when they come out, everything will change, listen to me. Ajeet says you think strange.

They wait outside. Ajeet goes to knock. Puneet stops him. Raj and Manmeet come out. Manmeet asks him not to meet her again. She shuts the door. She says he gets engaged or married, we shouldn’t care, we are not related to this, we won’t go there tomorrow. Ajeet asks did you hear that. Puneet makes a face.

Raj, Bhairav and Murari meet the goons. Raj worries and recalls that man. Bhairav’s man says we caught them, they were running away from Mumbai. Bhairav asks did they attack you. Raj says Papa ji… Bhairav asks who is the chief here, you… come here, why did you beat my son. Murari says he is our prince, talk to him with respect. The man lies and says we saw his branded watch and wallet with money. Bhairav says I didn’t see that in video. Murari says yes. Bhairav says tell me the real reason for beating my son. The man says I m not lying, I wanted his money. Murari asks why didn’t you steal it then. The man says we took the wallet and watch, sorry, we have spent the money. Bhairav asks Raj is this yours. Raj says yes. The man gives the watch. Murari asks when did you steal it, its not seen in video. The man says we got hid when he fell down, we have stolen this before taxi came. Bhairav says tell me, was there any other reason. Raj asks what other reason can there be, I told you the same. Bhairav asks his men to beat them up. Raj says stop. Bhairav says break his bones. The man screams in pain. Raj says I don’t want his curse, his my engagement today, please stop. Bhairav goes.

Raj smiles and recalls meeting the men. He asks the man to return the wallet and watch, say the fight was for loot, I will give you 5 lakhs, but I won’t stop my dad if anything goes wrong. He meets Manmeet. She asks what’s the new problem. Raj says dad found the men who had beaten me, the men will tell about my standup comedy, dad will beat me, I have a plan. She asks do you know planning. He asks for his watch and wallet. She says oh, one second. He says I want some money also. She asks what money. He says 5 lakhs, I know your salary. She asks why shall I give you 5 lakhs. He says its my right. She asks why. He says for my hardwork. She says excuse me, come again. He shouts for my hardwork. She asks what hardwork. He says tell me the salary of an intern. She says 25000-30000. He says 90000 for 3 months, I helped you in Shimla, 1.10 lakh for that, total is 2 lakhs. She asks shall I give 3 lakhs in charity. He says no, I became your husband for 4 days, one day for travel, 50000rs per day, 2.5 lakhs. She asks what’s more. He says you made me change Anmol’s diaper five times, so 50000rs for that. She asks are you joking. He asks can’t I do this, if you are selfish then I don’t know what I m, I want 5 lakhs now. She gives him the money and says don’t show me your face again. Raj gives the money to the men, and says I kept my promise, just say what I taught you. FB ends. Raj thinks my ticket to Sydney got sure.

Hussain says its Raj’s engagement today, are you coming. Manmeet says no, he troubled us for three months, why should we go there, I got punished for my one day. He says you should come for Raj, if you go, then they will clear their misunderstanding, its their big contribution, I suggest, maintain the professional relationship, else they will think there is any issue left or you are busy, you should go to clear this confusion. She says I don’t know I should come or not. He says you should come, they should know that everything is clear from your side. She recalls Raj. She says I think you are right, I should go in Raj’s engagement. Raj leaves from that place, smiling.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Amena

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