Sherdil Shergill 6th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Manmeet tells the truth to her family

Sherdil Shergill 6th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the lady asking who are you. Raj recalls Manmeet’s family tree chart. Manmeet says we have to act as husband and wife, you are Anmol’s dad. Raj asks what if they ask about our marriage, when did it happen, before Anmol came or… She says it won’t be needed, what will you call me there. He says Janu. FB ends. Raj says Anmol is our son. Ajeet says husband on rent, what, is this a drama. Manmeet says Raj is fake, this was Gunjan’s idea. Gunjan says no, she is lying. Manmeet says Raj works in my office, I requested him and he got ready, how could I leave Anmol. Ajeet says amazing, I didn’t know that husbands also come on tent. She says I know I have done a big foolish thing, but whatever Gunjan did, I was really scared, I felt what will she do, I had no option.

Ajeet asks did you have just this option, relatives are standing there, what will I answer them. Manmeet says tell them that I got married against your wish, I have a child, put all the blame on me, please, Raj is my husband and Anmol is our child for four days. Ajeet asks Puneet did she know. Manmeet says no, just focus on Gunjan’s marriage. Ajeet asks what will be the reaction of Gunjan’s Saas. She says when a successful girl decides to bring her child in the world, then everyone is ready to blame her, I have got Raj with me, he is a label to stop them, I understand you, everyone will question me, they will get quiet, I didn’t come alone, I got my baby’s father, my husband. He says great, I explained this to you, you are giving me a lecture, a woman’s life is incomplete without a man, she doesn’t get respect and identity. She says I have made my identity, and about respect, who has to give me respect will give it, I don’t care for those who can’t respect me, I just came here for family, and I got my son along. She cries.

Ajeet says I won’t become a part of this circus. Manmeet goes out to the relatives. She asks can I talk to you for 2mins. She says sorry to hide all this, he is Raj Kumar Yadav, we met some years back, we fell in love, dad was against our relation, even then we got married, and Anmol was born. Raj smiles and thinks she is acting well. Manmeet says we thought we will tell everything at Gunjan’s marriage time, you will get upset but agree, I have a request, don’t hold dad responsible for this, really sorry. Bua cries. Manmeet says you can scold me, ask me anything, don’t ask dad. Bua asks her not to cry and hugs her. Puneet smiles. Raj thinks amazing boss, you have fooled them well.

Bua says you three look good together, we came to celebrate one marriage, now we will celebrate two marriages. Ajeet looks on. Raj greets them. Bua blesses him. Raj says you did good acting, you failed me also, tears were amazing. He laughs. She says story was fake, but not tears, it was real. Ajeet says I won’t go. Puneet says we have no time, Anmol is still outside, I will get him. He says no. Tau ji calls Ajeet. He asks Ajeet to see Anmol. Puneet plays with Anmol.

Manmeet says you tried to commit suicide. Gunjan says sorry, you got a perfect guy, you can start a life with him. Manmeet says answer me, did you try to end your life. Gunjan says I didn’t die, you would have not come if I didn’t do this, I drank some poison and left the door open. She winks. Puneet thanks Raj for bringing Anmol and Manmeet. He says welcome. Gunjan also thanks him.

Bhairav’s PA meets Hussain and says Bhairav came but Manmeet didn’t agree, explain her to understand. Hussain says of course. Mishra asks do we have to respect the junior if the boss has an affair with him. Hussain asks him to get out. Raj says your house is great. Manmeet says its ancestral house. Raj says you said you are self made, and here you have many mansions, and you blame me and my dad. Raj sits and says I don’t drink tea. He sees Ajeet staring. Ajeet signs him to sit right. A servant gets Raj’s bags. Puneet says keep it in Manmeet’s room, we will shift later. Bua asks why, they will occupy the same room. Raj and Manmeet see each other. FB shows Raj asking where will I sleep, we are fake husband and wife. She says mum will give you guest room, just put the milk bottle in hot water. Raj says if this problem comes then we will be in trouble. Raj thinks she will make me work a lot if we stay in the same room. He says no. They all look at him.

The episode ends

Update Credit to: Amena

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