Jaya : Beta you didn’t tell me anything. The way you gave her the right to call you Agastya from Sir , your lullaby for her all these indicates you likes Pakhi. Hey naa ?

Agastya : Yes Maa. I likes Pakhi .She is so good from heart . Infact this new life which I am living now is the actual path which she guided me .

Jaya : Agastya does that mean in your heart also Pakhi can live ? Beta I really feel happy if you held her hand forever. Will you marry Pakhi ?

Jaya Prada - Celebrity Style in Perfect Pati Episode 34, 2018 from Episode 34. | Charmboard

Agastya : Maa!!! Seems you are over thinking. How can I …Maa you know naa already some one broke my heart and my marriage was also broken. When the word marriage comes my mind goes back to the bitter past which was the most worst day I ever faced.

Jaya : Beta but you have crossed that past and moved on . By career wise you have grown up better than your Paapa. And now you have again started singing whole heartedly. You have started liking Pakhi too. Then why can’t you just give your heart to her ?

Agastya : Maa , for now I likes her as she is good . Apart from that I ….I can’t say anything now. Please …

Jaya : I can understand beta . Just that being a mother I was concerned and at my excitement I started dreaming you both getting married . That’s why I asked beta , I won’t force anything on you .

Agastya : Pakhi is like a fairy Maa. She will do all magic till she repay debts. Within few days her Maa will be cured completely and once she repay the money she will leave. But she said she will miss you very much.

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan, 27th May 2022, Written Update: Agastya rescues Pakhi | Movies News Feed

Jaya : I heard that one beta . I will also miss my daughter very much.

Agastya : Maa one thing, whatever you asked to me please don’t ask to Pakhi. What if she will feel bad ?

Jaya : Why you think so Agastya ?

Agastya : May be my fear of losing her is making me to think so . I mean I agree that I have started feeling something different which earlier I have never felt for Pakhi . But if you ask her this and if she says No then you will get hurt and I don’t want that . Another thing is Pakhi will stop being friendly with us or may be she will get anger on me for thinking like that . Perhaps something …

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan S03 Ep07 8th February 2022: Agasthya agrees to meet Ishan | IWMBuzz

Jaya ; Agastya…Relax…Beta now you are over thinking. I won’t ask her anything ……Don’t think that once some one break your heart means always your heart gets broken. Pakhi will never break your heart , I am sure about that much. But I assure you I won’t tell her anything . Trust me

Jaya Prada To Rashmika Mandanna: South Actresses Who Forayed Into Bollywood

Agastya : Maa!!!

Agastya hugged his Maa. Jaya patted his back

Jaya :Beta sleep well. Good night

Agastya : Good night Maa

Even after Jaya left Agastya wasn’t able to sleep. He went to kitchen for having water. Even Pakhi was also present there to have water.

Pakhi :Aap!!

Agastya : Pakhi !!!

Pakhi was feeling hiccups, Agastya rushed and made her to have water quickly by holding her hand

Agastya : Are you okay ?

Pakhi looked Agastya’s eyes without saying anything. They both had an intesne eyelock

Fanaa - Ishq Mein Marjawan: Pakhi Know Jugnu's Problem- The Tollywood Life

Pakhi : Thanks

Agastya :It’s alright

Pakhi : Aap abhi tak nahi soye

Agastya nodded his head in sign of No

Pakhi : I am just a good litsener of music only. Fact is I am a worst singer even in bathroom too. Else I would have too sung a lullaby for you

Agastya smiled while hearing this.

Pakhi : You looks very much charming when you smiles Agastya

Agastya : When you are with me I can always smile , Pakhi .  You also looks much beautiful when you smiles.

Fanaa ishq mein marjawan upcoming twist 1 june 2022 written update

They both smiled and looked each other

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan Aak GIF - Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan Aak Aakhi - Discover & Share GIFs

Kasam khaake kaho muskurake kaho

Dil lagake kaho paas aake kaho

Tumko humse pyaar hein…

Tumko humse pyaar hein plays 

After some days Pakhi’s mother Nisha’s eye stitches were removed and she got her eye sight back. Nisha slowly opened her eyes and looked her daughters . Pakhi and Choti hugged her emotionall

Pakhi : Maa !!

Nisha : Pakhi , Choti I am able to see you both . Those days of darkness have gone from life.

Pakhi : Haan Maa. Maa this is Agastya . I told you he is the one who gave money for your treatement

Nisha looked him emotionally


Padmini Kolhapure song Yeh Galiyan Yeh Chaubara recreated version released पद्मिनी कोल्हापुरे का गाना 'ये गलियाँ ये चौबारा' हुआ रिलीज, एक्ट्रेस ने खुद दी है अपने गाने को आवाज - India TV Hindi News

Nisha ; Agastya Kumar

Agatsya nodded his head

Nisha folded her hands

Nisha : Beta thank you so much , for showing mercy towards me and my daughters. We will always be grateful for you.

Agastya : Maaji aap hath mat jodiye. Ek toh beta kaha aapne aur phir yeh kyaa….Maaji you are a brave woman and your beti Pakhi too. I always need your blessing. Please keep your hand at my forehead and bless me .

Fanaa- Ishq Mein Marjawan, 26th April 2022, Written Update: Yug is Agastya's stepbrother | Movies News Feed

Agastya bowed his head before her. Nisha blessed Agastya

Nisha : May god always keep you happy beta. Jug Jug Jiyo

Jaya : I am Jaya, Agastya’s mother .

Gautam : And I am Gautam , Agastya Sir’s P.A

Choti : Koyi mujhse bhi mil lo, meri koyi value nahi hein. Jab di jaati thi tab mein khayal rakhti thi Maa kee

Pakhi : Haan choti.

Gautam : Sissy, isska naam choti kyun hein ?

Choti : Let me tell you this being choti is not an easy job. Everytime these elders will say beti you are choti , don’t talk big things . Some times if I won’t talk they will say you are not that much choti , why can’t you say anything ? Ufff!!! These people have forgot my name . I am Lithu, Pakhi di’s , Maa’s this whole world’s choti.

Aarohi Patel (Child Actress) Lifestyle, Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Career, Family, School and so on.

Jaya : Yeh choti bhi kisi chote fire cracker se kam nahi hein.

All laughed .

After Nisha’s discharge also Pakhi continued working in Agastya’s home . Though Jaya insisted Pakhi is no more maid and she don’t need to do those things Pakhi being a self esteemed girl keep contiuing her job without fail. In between Nisha , Lithu also used to visit Agastya’s home and they had good bonding with Agastya, Jaya and Gautam. One day Jaya openly asked Nisha about making Pakhi and Agastya one forever

Nisha ; Ho naa ho we don’t have that much status to be equal with you . How can Pakhi be …..

Jaya : Do you like my son ?

Nisha : Of course. He is nice

Jaya : Then leave the status, money all things from mind. Tell me honestly do you like if Agastya and Pakhi marry each other ?

Nisha ; I will be very fortunate if Agastya became my son in law.

Padmini Kolhapure - BollywoodMDB

Jaya : We also faced tough times, struggles and whatever status , money you are telling it all came later only. NishaJi I really want Pakhi here not just as my daughter in law  but as my beti. My son has refused me to talk about this to Pakhi. But aap toh bol sakti hein naa. Please ask Pakhi what’s her wish .

Nisha : Sure Jaya Ji

Nisha asked the same to Pakhi alone

Pakhi ; But Maa….

Nisha ; Beti , they did so much for us . But still Jaya Ji respects your decision. She will always treat you like daughter. I also don’t force you

Pakhi : I also means…..

Nisha : Woh….

Choti : Di!!! Jaya Aunty also asked the same to Agastya Jeeju and he hadn’t replied anything properly.

Pakhi : Why you are calling him Jeeju ?

Choti : Jeeju ko jeeju nahi bulawungi toh kya bulawun .

Pakhi : I don’t know . But how can I and

Choti : So you wants that Vampgirl Ishani should come again.

Pakhi : Tumhein kisne bataya ? And you are choti

Choti : Di!!! I am 14 years old girl. Itna samajh toh mujh mein hein. Aap nahi batati toh kyaa aapki diary ne toh sab kuch bata di . Haaye ….Agastya ke sur mein kaisi mein deewani ho jaati hun….

Pakhi : Choti you read my diary , ruk abhi tujhe punishment deti hoon

Lithu started running, Pakhi followed her by running

Choti : Di you will fell down . You can’t catch me

Pakhi : Choti !!!

Pakhi in rush completely ignored the banana peel which were already thrown by Choti at the ground. Pakhi’s leg slipped and she was about to fell down. But suddenly Agastya catched her and they both looked each other keenly. Choti whistled and some one started throwing rose petals on them . Agakhi lost themselves at that moment

Fanaa Zain Imam GIF - Fanaa Zain Imam Ishq Mein Marjawan - Discover & Share GIFs

Choti ; Gautam bhaiya kya huwa ?

Gautam : Choti roses are finished. But these two are still helding each other.

Choti : This is called romantic eyelock . Much needed in a typical indian love story. Eyes speak lot

Gautam : Really

Agastya : Pakhi!!

Pakhi : Agastya !!

Agakhi : Are you fine ?

They both smiled and released themseleves from the hold.

Agastya : Who throw that banana peel ?

Gautam and Choti pointed finger towards each of them

Choti : Mein choti hoon, Jeeju . Mein thodi naa jhoot bol sakti hun ?

Agastya : Choti come here. You will get punishement for this. I know you did it.

Pakhi : She definitely needs punishement. She has stolen my diary.

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan, 21st March 2022, Written Update: Pakhi shocked to see Sameer alive | Movies News Feed

Agastya : Is it ? Choti your punishement is you have to ate all these chocolates

Choti : Wow !!

Lithu picked all chocolates which Agastya gave from his shirt’s pocket.

Agastya : And Gautam what was you doing by climbing at the top of terrace and showering rose petals .

Gautam ; Sir woh…

Agastya : Don’t make excuses .

Gautam : Mein jawun ?

Agastya : Haan jawon

Pakhi : Yeh kya Agastya , you didn’t asked them properly why they were doing it.

Agastya ; Leave it. Pakhi you said your diary was missing. Hey naa ?

Pakhi : Yeah

Agastya : Kahin woh diary yeh toh nahi ?

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan Aak GIF - Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan Aak Aakhi - Discover & Share GIFs

Pakhi was surprised to see her diary in Agastya’s hand . She felt like her heart was beating faster than usual.

Pakhi : Agastya did you read it ?

“Agastya ”

A familiar voice was heard behind Agastya . Agastya turned and gets surprised to see Vedika and Yash

Meera to stay in a hut with Prithvi in Junoon

Agastya : Vedika tum yahan

Vedika : I came here to invite you at my reception party Agastya. I know you might be feeling it as weird . Trust me at my dad’s dear I wasn’t able to speak anything in favour of you and your family. Rishi uncle were so close to our family and I miss him a lot.

Jaya : Vedika I heard that you have eloped and got married

Yash : It’s true Mam. We both married at register office. Because Vedika’s dad didn’t likes me as I am not a rich person. I hardly did three tv serials and I am not a millionare but I have a decent job and good earning. But for Agarwal Ji these things were not enough. I asked directly for giving Vedika’s hand but he rudely denied saying that I have no class . Even Ishani also didn’t left a chance to insult me .

Vedika : I bear everything at that home .I always felt dad and di were wrong . I never had the courage to say it to them . After my mom’s demise I felt much lonely and for engaging myself I started dubbing for serials. And in a studio only we both met and fell in love. Yash stood with me in my pains and gave me all love and care which I never got from my Dad. There was no option left for us rather than doing it.

Yash : We know eloping and getting married is not a right thing. But what to do ? Ishani and her dad was forcefully making Vedika to get married with you Agastya . That housewarming function was just a reason . Real thing is they want to have your money. Vedika didn’t want to do it. Time was much less and Vedika was helpless to jump from the side window for escaping herself from the biggest betrayal and she came with me. I hope as time pass Agarwal Ji will realize his mistake and accept us.

Jaya : So pathetic that Agarwal can go so cheap . How can he make forceful marriage of his own daughter ?

Vedika ; I am not his real daughter. My mom adopted me from an orphanage because her pregnancy was much complicated when Ishani di was born. Mom wanted one more child but she was uncapable of conceiving again. So she adopted me even after dad opposed it a lot. Ishani di never considered me as her sister . But I always respected her a lot.

Agastya : They didn’t know the value of true love and relationships. It’s good that you are not living at that hell.

Yash : Agastya forget all these. We came for inviting you all. Actually this time only my family and relatives , some friends are coming. From Vedika’s side only few friends are coming . It will be good if you too come with your family.

Agastya ; Yaar yeh bhi koi kehane kee baat hein. We all will be at the party.

They left.

Agastya : Your diary

Pakhi : You didn’t answered me if you read it or not

Agastya : I will tell you at the right time .

Days passed. One day Pakhi called Agastya

Pakhi : Agastya I have to give you something

Agastya : For me

Pakhi : This is the cheque of remaining one lakh. Now I have paid all the debts.

Agastya received the cheque

Pakhi : Thank you for everything Agastya . Finally I am free from the debts .

Agastya ; Pakhi !! I told you always there is no need to thank me.

Pakhi ; I know even if I pay it or not you will never feel bad. Because you valued me always , my sincerity and my self esteem. Please now don’t say anything and accept it.

Agastya keeps the cheque in the table and looked her

Agastya : Pakhi !!! You are really a brave girl a hardworking person. Pakhi I have bought an application form for you

Pakhi opened the form and gets surprised

Agastya : Pakhi I know your college education got broke in middle and you wasn’t able to do your post graduation. Now you can do it at one of the reputed universities. Your Maa told me how you lost your Paapa in flood who was a saviour of lots of lives during it. But unfortunately he lost life at that calamity. You lost your home , money everything at that flood when your home town were full fledged with heavy rain and water. But Paapa’s Pari Pakhi never failed to go ahead in life. She always faced tough times ,when her Maa lost her vision also she never failed. She was ready to do any sort of job without any hesitance . It needs much courage , Pakhi. I really respect for you that.

Pakhi’s eyes were drenched in tears.

Agastya : Why ?Today you won’t guide me ? You don’t give me any piece of advice ?

Pakhi : Mein kya bolun ? You gave me much more than I expected . I have thanked you many times for helping me and my Maa. But as we are friends now you won’t accept thanks. But still I wanna thank you because you also made me to realize who am I . I am Ashok Nath’s daughter who is courageous like her Paapa . And my Paapa always wanted I should do higher studies and acheive a good position and today you paved light on that way. Today you are guiding me Agastya . I don’t have any advice for you . But I certainly want to ask do you really read my diary ?

Agastya : No. Though choti gave it to me and tell me to read it I always respected every one’s privacy . It’s your precious private treasure and being close with you also until and unless without seeking your permission I have no rights to open and read it . Trust me I haven’t read anything .

Pakhi held Agastya’s hand and said ; You have won my heart today by doing it.

Agastya ; What ?

Pakhi : You heard it right . You have won my heart. You was ,you are and you will always be my heart beat Agastya . I started worshipping you madly when I use to hear your songs and thought why you stopped it in middle. After hearing your painful days I was so adamant to bring you back your soul and by god’s grace you started singing again. Agastya you gave me the right to call you in a friendly way from a boss and it was the best thing. You bought light at my Maa’s life.Whenever Choti was calling you Jeeju my heart was desperate to hear it again and again because in my dreams I have seen you always singing for me from that day onwards when you started singing again. I was not sure whether it was right or not but I couldn’t stop myself from falling in love for you , Agastya. I really want to become your soulful beat , will you give me that right ?

Agastya : Pakhi when you was telling me who am I , I got all the passionate things which I missed long back. I couldn’t resist myself from singing for you and whenever you was with me I always felt a special bonding with you. You healed my pains, you made me a brave person and bought my smile back. You did so much good for my Maa and moreover I myself doubted whether I will be the right person for you ? For the goodness in you , may be you will get a prince charming and what about me ?The more I stopped myself from coming you fact is my heart was coming to you and I wasn’t able to stop myself from being with you. My guitar strings will break if you would have leaved me today without saying anything. Because I sings from heart , tunes come from soul and you are my soulful beat , my soulmate. I have really started loving you Pakhi , you are my fairy, my path guider, my everything .

Pakhi : And you are my Prince charming always with your sweet smile and good heart. I don’t need a better person because you are the best . I love you Agastya

Agastya : I love you too Pakhi

They both hugged each other emotionally

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 3 Spoiler; Agastya Pakhi cries & hugging each other - Filmibeat

Seeing them together Jaya, Nisha ,Gautam and Choti became very happy.

Nisha : Agastya, Pakhi …..Bhool gaye , Today is reception party . We all need to go.

Agastya : Ji

At The Reception Party

Vedika : Agastya tumne bataya nahi yeh kaun hein ?

Gautam : Let me tell you who is she .

Will Kabir survive his families torment in Jyoti? - Wiki NewForum | Latest  Entertainment News

Choti : I know she is Jeeju’s DP naa.

Pakhi : DP . Bhaiya abb bas bhi karo naa, what’s that DP ?

“Mein batati hoon. ”

Gautam : Jyoti!!

Jyoti : Surprise, I am Yash’s family friend.  Let me tell you what’s that DP is . This Gautam is soon going to make me as his DP.  I mean his official Dharam Patni

Who is this and why do I care what she reads?!

Jaya : What ? Gautam, tumne bataya nahi tumhare bhi ek love story hein ?

Gautam : Mam 101 times I need to give roses to her . Tab jaake issne mera prem patra sweekar kiya .

Choti : Aap bhi ready ho jawon bhaiya

Gautam : For what ?

Jyoti :You are going to become my PP. Yaani Perfect Pati.

Pakhi and Agastya looked each other

Yash : Haaye ….Donon ko toh bas intezaar hein ….Kyun naa ek mauka diye jaaye ? Let’s dance

Vedika ; Wow , that’s good

Vedika and Yash 

Mouni will shake a leg to Aaja Soniyo - Times of India

Gautam and Jyoti 

Jyoti Photos did couple dance. Nisha and Jaya got reminded of their golden old days with their life partners Rishi and Ashok

RishiKapoorFanClub on Twitter: "Sharing... Rishi Kapoor ji with Jaya Prada and Shashi kapoor ji, bring sunshine with this autumn-spring song from the film #Sindoor which also starred @govindaahuja21 @chintskap @neelamkothari" /

BOLLYWOOD MEMORIES on Twitter: "#MithunChakraborty #PadminiKolhapure #BollywoodFlashback" / Twitter

Choti captured pics in phone and enjoyed with friends. Finally the turn was for Pakhi and Agastya . Agakhi held each other very intimately and danced with gracious steps

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan - Check Out The Viral BTS Dance Clip Of Agastya And Pakhi! - Fuzion Productions

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan On Location | Agastya ने दिया Pakhi को Surprise! | Cozy Dance - YouTube

Their dance was conveying how much they have madly fell for each other .

After some weeks 

Agakhi , Gautam- Jyoti got married at the same mandap with blessings of elders

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan spoiler alert: Agastya and Pakhi to MARRY |  IWMBuzz

Jyoti Photos

Choti : Congrats you four have become PP’s and DP’s. I know I am choti and I can’t give blessing. But I can say all the best to you four. It’s time for me to concentrate at my PP.

Pakhi : Choti!!

Choti : Di!! Chill!! PP means Pet Pooja. Gauatm bhaiya ke saath rehake mein bhi code words use karne lagi hoon. My four love birds now you four can’t resign the posts of DP and PP . And Maa, Aunty chale abb hum log apne Pet Pooja theek hone ke liye kuch khaa lete hein…..

All laughed and they all lived happily ever after.


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