Spy Bahu 21st September 2022 Written Episode Update: Veera’s evil plan to kill Nandas

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The Episode starts with Yohan calling Sejal while he is driving. He sends voice note to her, that he is about to reach the place to pick up the idol, and asks her to tell him if he comes to know about Veera. Drishti and Shalini check for the weapons. Sejal hears Yohan’s voice message and thinks to call her. Drishti asks Sejal if she found something. Sejal says no, and says Shalini bhabhi might find with metal detector. Shalini uses metal detector and it beeps. Veera asks what is this noise? Sejal says her alarm tone, as she has to take medicine. Veera says ok. Later she calls someone and asks to send the stuff. Shalini hears and thinks to inform Sejal. Sejal talks to Yohan, who tells that he has picked the idol, but it is raining and his car is not working. Sejal asks where you will stay now. Yohan says he has booked room in a hotel and will come tomorrow. He asks did you get any clue against Veera? Sejal says no, and tells that she will handle everything. Shalini informs Sejal about Veera asking someone to bring some stuff whie hiding. They see Pandit coming there. Sejal asks Pandit to have food, and give the puja stuff to her. Pandit ji says Veera asked him to give the stuff to her. Sejal assures that nobody will touch it and takes stuff from him. Veera comes there and sees Sejal checking the stuff along with Shalini. She asks what you are searching? Sejal says we have to get 12 things for puja.

Harsh calls Sejal and tells that Mahira has escaped and she didn’t go to Arbaaz. He says she had thrown the tracker on the road. Sejal says if Veera has doubt on us. Harsh says we shall be careful and says his sent his team to search Mahira. Sejal gets worried and thinks what is going to happen.

Yohan calls Sejal from the hotel room and says he got cold and that’s why drinking soup. Door bell is ring. Yohan asks Sejal to hold and opens the door. Just then the call gets disconnected. Yohan sees Ahana on the door and asks how do you know that I am here. She puts her hand around him. He feels drowsy due to the soup. She asks don’t you think me as beautiful. He says you are crossing the limits. She says if I don’t cross my limits, then how my mission will be successful. She says you drank half soup and says she had mixed medicine in the soup, says surprise. She recalls bribing the waiter and adding the medicine in it. Waiter bringing soup for him and asks him to enjoy. Ahana makes unconscious Yohan lie down on the bed. Sejal calls him, but his call couldn’t be connected. Ahana says she was waiting for this night, She opens his shirt, leaves her lipstick mark on his neck and scratches his back and hands with her nails. Sejal prays to God that she shall get strength to stop the attack.

Veera looks at the necklace kept infront of the God. She takes the necklace to a secret room. She cuts the necklace and gets the poisonous camphor. She keeps it in the pendant. She says the attack will happen with poisonous camphor and not with any weapon. She says all Nandas will be dead, and says the stupid Pandit didn’t know that my men have changed the stuff. She says this is my ultimate victory and Sejal’s defeat. Sejal worries for Yohan. Arun says if Yohan don’t bring the idol then we will be insulted. Veera asks him to relax. She thinks Yohan, you have to come, until when you will run away from me. Yohan comes there, bringing the idol. Sejal says Nanda ji. Sejal welcomes Yohan and the Bappa’s idol, and does their aarti. Yohan recalls Ahana coming to his room. He thinks how to tell Sejal, what happened yesterday. He keeps the idol. Veera thinks now tandav will start and asks Yohan to get ready. Sejal thinks why yohan is lost as if something had happened. Pandit ji asks Sejal to take out the modak. Sejal keeps the modak there. Veera asks Sejal to ask yohan to get ready fast. Yohan checks the nail marks on his body and gets tensed. Sejal comes there. He wears the kurta. Sejal says my mangalsutra broke yesterday and that’s why I didn’t want you to go away from me. She says I was calling you a lot. He says he wants to drink water. She sees scratch on his hand and asks if he had fight with someone. Yohan says actually, yesterday. She asks what?

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