Spy Bahu 28th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Yohan fights his own case

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The Episode starts with Doctor checking Sejal and says I can understand that you are stressed and your BP is low and you can have complication in pregnancy. She asks her to take medicines and rest. Arun tells Sejal that he knows that she can’t sit idle, but you have to do this. Sejal says just 2 days left for the case hearing, how can I stay peacefully, risking Yohan’s life. Arun says I can understand, but I can’t risk my daughter in law and her child. Sejal says she has thought something so that nothing wrong happens. She says yohan himself can fight his case if he don’t find a lawyer. Drishti says how he will fight, and tells that he don’t remember anything. She says Shalini went to get the lawyer. Sejal says truth doesn’t change even if he don’t remember and tells Arun that yohan is innocent and can’t do this with any girl. She says we will help him remember everything and also will help him to win this case.

Yohan feels bad and thinks how to help Sejal, what had happened that night. He tries to recollect. Sejal comes and says everything will be fine, I am ready to fight for you, can fight with any challenges for you. She kisses his forehead, wipes his tears and goes from there. It is his imagination. Later Sejal comes to meet yohan and asks him to fight his case. Yohan says ok, I will fight my case for us and our child. Sejal says I will help you to solve this case and I promise that nothing wrong will happen. She asks him to sign. Yohan asks if she is having food and medicines. Sejal says yes. Inspector tells Sejal that they couldn’t catch Arbaaz till now and waiter is not opening his mouth and told that he will talk to the lawyer directly. Sejal asks if I can meet the waiter. Inspector says you can meet, but nothing can withstand infront of Shabnam Gulati and Mr. Nanda …Shabnam comes and says he can’t be saved. She tells Sejal that woman like her, shall be jailed who is stopping other woman to get justice. Sejal says you don’t know the truth and accusing my husband and asks what about then woman who has ruined the women who needs justice. She says I will prove this in court. Shabnam says lets meet in court and see that what you can do. She tells that she will meet the waiter and nobody can meet him without her permission. Later she meets Ahana and gets the fake details from her.

Sejal explains the case to Yohan, writing on the board. Ahana acts innocent and folds her hands before the lawyer. Shabnam meets the waiter who gives the statement. Harsh tells SK that Arbaaz is missing, they have checked everywhere. Someone comes there and shows the call records of Ahana and Arbaaz. SK says search him.

Yohan comes to the court with Police, while Ahana come to the court with her lawyer. All Nanda come there. Sejal tells Yohan that this is their first way towards victory and boosts his confidence asking him to be fearless. The people come there asking Judge to hang him. Judge asks everyone to sit. He says start the case. Shabnam tells that Yohan Nanda has forced himself on my client Ahana. She says she wants to call her witness. Waiter comes there. Shabnam asks what did he ordered? Waiter says two Pasta and one costly Champagne. Yohan says lie, I had ordered soup and you had brought it. Judge says you will get chance of cross questioning. Waiter says I am not lying, we have bill of it. Yohan says who made that fake bill, who made this fake case. Judge warns Yohan. Sejal waits for SK. Shabnam asks if that girl went to his room that night. Waiter says yes, she went to 12 am in night and came out at 1 am. He says I was doubtful when I saw her, and got a cab for her. Shabnam shows the CCTV footage which proves Gopal’s statement. Judge asks if you have anything to say. Sejal whispers to Yohan, not now. SK comes there with Harsh and gives something to Sejal. Sejal asks some lawyer to pass this to Yohan. Yohan takes it and says I want to question Mr. Gopal which will turn this case.

Precap will be added later.

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